1. tranceKid says

    An incredible acting job there, PZ.

    Great cartoon. It does a good job of proving the point that there are many illogical controversies.

  2. B166ER says

    That was a great cartoon that really points out the ridiculous nature of the whole “teach the controversy” business. It’s not about exposing children to controversial ideas, which I think is important in teaching kids critical thinking skills, it’s about exposing children to THEIR controversial ideas. I think that it’s important that kids learn about the factors, like religion, which effect our social reality, the problem I have is when it is just an excuse to proselytize to kids in a closed venue.
    I loved your part P.Z. since it can’t be stated enough: IT’S JUST A CRACKER!

    No Gods, No Masters

  3. Lynna, OM says

    In the frame featuring PZ holding up a single cracker, he looks like it’s just beginning to dawn on him that he brought one cracker to a room full of hungry children.

  4. Dwymore says

    The “official word” on yellow lined paper was especially funny and true. While very passionate about allowing the teaching of the “controversy,” the proponants are often childish and non-legally savvy when getting and giving approval. Really funny. My favorite was the dotted outline of Mohammed.

  5. SaintStephen says

    Great cameo PZ!

    It came right at the very end, too. Were you floating around the classroom in a white robe because you were “woozy” and weary from all your recent travels, both domestic and abroad? Your hair even got longer, too. Very funny!

    (What? That wasn’t PZ floating around at the end?)

  6. Grant N says

    I was so disappointed. PZ wasn’t wearing his Crocoduck tie. And where was the the slideshow with pics of dinosaur riding?

  7. Glen Davidson says

    Teach the controversy about germ theory, like the Minnesota statute allows. You can sneak in anti-vaxx BS at the same time.

    Seriously, why should Christians be forced to accept the materialistic atheistic conspiracy that “germs” are responsible for diseases, rather than demons? Quit expelling the demon theorists, and we might soon enough take care of the other controversies, as the morons die out.

    Glen D

  8. RamblinDude says

    Of course creationism is the default alternative to evolution in “teach the controversy.” The same way that the weather patterns of the U.S. is the default indicator for showing whether global warming is real; and GOP values and corporate interests show that national health care is nazi propaganda; and Al Quaeda hates us for our freedom; and our founding fathers were all heroic Christians with Christian values; and …

  9. Thebear says

    A cartoon of our not-holy leader?

    We must take to the streets and scream and holler, and burn thing, and shout that this is worse than genocide…

    Oh, wait, what are you saying? The other guys?

    My bad – pretty cool then…

  10. Newfie says

    Ok, that is pretty damn spiffy. Not Simpsons spiffy, but way cool none the less. :P
    Love the dotted outline of “The Prophet”.

  11. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I love the principal’s response to Pat Robertson: “I said ‘someone nicer’.”

  12. DLC says

    I think it’s fine to teach the controversy.
    In this case, the controversy was settled about 100 years ago. but hey, let’s teach the controversy.
    In history class.
    Now, If your biology students wish to “not believe in” evolution by natural selection, let them.
    So long as they bother to learn the material and not disrupt class. If they refuse to learn the material they can fail the class and go jump in a hole for all I care. Unfortunately one can lead a student to knowledge but you cannot make them Think.

    in another matter: why would Ham-Fans and other members of the “Gleefully Ignorant” set bother with education beyond that mandated by the state anyway? why do they bother attending a real college if all they are going to do is stick their fingers in their ears and shout “La-La-La!” ?
    Seems a waste of money they could be giving to their pastors con men.

  13. claire-chan says

    Yes, this is a “science blog”, and a nice one, at that.

    “Teaching the controversy” seems code for “teaching something that got the no from administration”.