A poll on the Catholic opposition to gayness

An interesting twist: this poll is trying to skew the Catholic church’s decision to withhold social services if Washington D.C. supports same sex marriage into a moral issue…with the church taking the high ground!

The D.C. Council is considering a law forbidding discrimination against those in gay marriages. The law would apply to all groups that have contracts with the District, including Catholic Charities, one of the city’s largest social services providers. The Archdiocese of Washington says that because of the Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage, it would have to suspend its social services to the poor, the homeless and others rather than provide employee benefits to same-sex married couples or allow them to adopt.

Should the city require the Church to follow a law it considers immoral?

Yes 18%
No 82%

Why should what the church considers immoral to be a relevant factor? I could consider the wearing of pants to be immoral, or even better, going to church to be immoral…but it doesn’t make it so.