We have a military based on Christian-based principles?

This is a charming local story for Veteran’s day. The American Legion post in Bloomington has been doing a little ceremony at the public schools for 40 years, and has also been giving scholarships to students. Last year, they surprised the school by adding a public prayer to their ritual; this year, the school asked them not to do that. Guess what their reply was?

To announce in a snit that they wouldn’t do the ceremony at all if they couldn’t make it religious, and that they’d also take their scholarships away.


They have every right to do that, of course. I would have thought that they gave out the scholarships because they cared about students and wanted to help them get a good education, but I guess I was mistaken: it was really a bribe to force them to listen to Christian propaganda.

“We are not trying to push anything on kids or convert them, but we are a Christian-based country and a military based on Christian-based principles,” said Selle, who was an Army medic in Vietnam. “My opinion is that this is another example of America going downhill.”

Well, gosh, then…I guess Mr Selle ought to make his patriotism conditional, too, and yank away his support for America if everyone doesn’t say his Christian prayer with him. And they definitely are trying to push religion on kids, using their scholarships as a stick to compel them to obey.

I do wonder about this “military based on Christian-based principles” — do they turn the other cheek? Or are these those other Christian principles, the crusading ones that “did not come to bring peace, but a sword”?