My insane weekend

The mild nausea I mentioned earlier? Gone now, it seems to have vanished as soon as I disposed of the wretched rag Answers in Genesis sent me. It’s a good thing, too, because I have a frantic weekend ahead of me.

Today and tomorrow, I’m pounding the keyboard to prepare a couple of talks. At least one I can borrow liberally from the book-in-progress (yeah, I’m still working on that, too).

On Thursday, I’ll be giving a public lecture at Purdue University. I’m cutting it close on this one; my plane gets into Indianapolis a mere 2 hours before the talk, so if I’m late, feel free to leave scurrilous slanders on the blackboard for me. The talk is at 6:00 in the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall Room 224. It should be fun. My trip in is tricky in timing, but afterwards, my time is unrestrained, and I think we’re getting together to shoot the breeze that evening. If you’re somewhere near West Lafayette, Indiana, stop on by.

On Friday, I’ll be at this evo-devo meeting:


This is not a public event, but a serious science conference with registration fees and all that. It should be fabulous, even if it does have some nattering nobody for a keynote speaker. Expect heavy real-time science blogging all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I might get out for a wild night in Bloomington on Saturday, though, we’ll see.

Finally, on Monday, I’m lowering myself from the glories of real science to a debate with a flaming creationist on the St Paul campus at 7:30pm. Show up! I’m sure the creationists will be trundling in their bible-clutching faithful to boo, even though the subject is nothing about god or religion — it’s simply “Should intelligent design creationism be taught in the schools?” The answer is “no,” if you’re at all confused.

Tuesday I’m sleeping in late. Don’t bother me.