Expelled redux

They’re doing it again. There’s a new movie being released, The Voyage That Shook the World, that you can tell from the tagline — “One man, one voyage, one book ignited a controversy that still rages today” — is creationist trash (hint: there is no scientific controversy anymore on this matter). Look a little further, and you’ll find it’s produce by Creation Ministries International, which tells you right there what their agenda is: to tell lies for Jesus.

Here’s where the parallel to Expelled lies…in the lies. They got several Darwin experts (Peter Bowler, Sandra Herbert, and Janet Browne) to appear in the “documentary” by concealing their motives. And then they admit to cherry-picking the interviews to put together their story.

You know, if they actually had an honest message, if they could be trusted to present the opinions of the experts accurately, they wouldn’t need to deceive to get people to contribute to their projects. As it is, all we can trust them on is their ability to mangle the facts. Doesn’t this tell you something about the credibility of the creationist movement?

At least they didn’t hire Ben Stein as a frontman.


  1. smartymarty66 says

    I picked this DVD up at the library I work at.I thought it would be a good film for the family to watch and was completely unware of it’s origins.The dewey classification for this is 576.82- this is the classification for evolution. Nothing on the cover leads one to believe that is anything other than what it pretends to be. It is only due to my past as a biology teacher and having seen phrases that only creationists that alarm bells started ringing and we did further research into the origins of this film. It is an incredibly deceptive film and throws up factiods like they actually were verifiable truth and hope to get away with it. I would like to see this dvd recatalogued worldwide as creatioism/ID so that we can make honest and informed choices. It is a good film to show people how lies and propoganda can be made to seem so reasonable.