In Lindau, at last

I really need to learn a good collection of creative German cuss words. It’s been a harrowing, overlong day and a half of travel, with late flights leading to missed connections leading to long periods standing in lines with Germans, who were all very nice and helpful, except that I learned that even if your flight is leaving in ten minutes they will politely tell you that no, you cannot move to the front of the line. And now at last, though, I have finally arrived at my lovely funky hotel in Lindau, and it’s a beautiful afternoon, and I’m going to take a pleasant walk down to the lake, and maybe I don’t need those rude German words after all.

I do need a shower first, though. Running through airports tends to generate a bit of musk.


  1. Ichthyic says


    is the same person sockpuppeting the same threads over and over again to post incomplete, incoherent gibberish?

    are we being attacked by a bot?