I get email

I’m getting a sudden surge of hate mail, and most of it seems to revolve around the Daniel Hauser case. I assume something I wrote has been reposted somewhere frequented by morons.

Anyway, these are a bit weird. Some people really hate chemotherapy, I think, because it has them extremely upset. So upset that I’ve put some examples below the fold, because they use very naughty language.

Bonnie Howard doesn’t use bad language, she just hates Big Pharma, to the point where she even thinks insulin is a conspiracy.

Chemotherapy KILLS

We have epidemics of heart, cancer and diabetes. Ever asked yourself why?

Our destructive medical system is why. Instead of looking to the greatest influence in our lives, what we eat, we run to ignorant “doctors” who are sick themselves and demand they heal us. Absurd. “Doctors were put thru school by Big Pharma. What do you expect, a cure?

It is PROVEN, chemotherapy poison does more harm than good. I have witnessed this fact.

Stay out of my life with your medical mafia, that has taken away choice. This is about choosing the best treatment for my child. Do you somehow think I don’t care for my child? You idiot. You’re ignorant, swayed by fear and illogical thinking. The barbaric “treatment” for cancer KILLS.

No Daniel will not live. He has been tortured and poisoned.

May we look to the real cause of these degenerative diseases, like the FAKE food pushed on the misled public by those who’s goal is profit, not health.

The ADA says sure the diabetic can eat sugar, just shoot up enough drugs. CRIMINAL really and we continue to die cause of stupidity like yours.
Get your stupidity away from my choices for my own child. Sounds like torture to me. And you don’t look healthy either, just like the “doctors” who spout their profit driven crap.

You have taken part in killing Daniel and the millions of others who look to be treated by those who will NOT address the cause. There is too much money in keeping us sick. Wake up. It is a new day where we want a cure and not just spend money to be killed by stupid “doctors”.

Remember more than 100,000 people die from prescription drugs every year, when use properly. Wow what a racket.

America is the sickest nation on earth for what we spend on “sickcare”. Get your facts straight. Fear monger.

That was just the warm-up. Get ready for Brianp. He has a novel argument: he just thinks we ought to let everyone with cancer just die. It’s natural selection! Kill the weak! Let the strong live! We should only let the strong propagate!

I’ve highlighted one sentence in his rant, though, that is highly ironic.

fuck you and that cock sucker child molester judge:

I am so sick of this horseshit from your side in this daniel hauser matter, first off it has nothing to do with whether he lives, dies, or anything else, the objective fact of the issue is that there are something on the order of 7800-8000 of these cases and at least 1/4 of those diagnosed die from it, but so what if 8000 people died of anything, its a boil, its a pinprick, over two million people die every year from all sorts of causes, as a matter of fact this countries death rate is too low, every country in europe has a higher death rate including sweden, denmark, norway, finland, germany, england, france, italy and all of eastern europe and russia. The death rate in this country could be easily as much as 50% higher with no ill effects perceived at all. and the birth rate is idiotically high, a higher death rate is a good logical counterbalance to this freakish birth rate. The Hauser matter is all about medical hypocrisy, the family still has the means to buy and pay for insurance which just fattens the wallets and accounts of these pharmocological narco terrorists at that hospital and other places which promote chemotherapy and other medical frauds such as that, when the family runs out of money and they are homeless living under a highway bridges in tents, it’ll be danny who and that motherfuck hospital will have never heard of him, and that judge, fuck him , he and that mother fucker oncologist are the loweest of the low, they’re lower than pig vommit or radioactive waste, actually radioactive waste can be reprocessed and used in a reactor, they are lower than toxic waste. People have a right to their beliefs however “goofy” they might seem to be,. I hope that fucking judge and that doctor and all of the people forcibly now treating that boy by m edical fraud torture, I hope they all slowly die of cancer and its like endless torture . They are lower than the lowest of the low of a child molester. Cancer is incurable, the so called definition of cure for cancer, is if you’re still so called surviving five years after being diagnosed and treated so called successfully and you’ve passed for what passes for remission, its a false standard. The automotive analogy would be if your starter motor crapped out and you had it replaced and it failed a week later . (the replacement failed a week later). If we simply did nothing and didn’t treat cancer at all, the utterly natural process of death would occur, cancer is a perfectly logically natural process. Mankind survived things like the ice age and all of the eons of times before modern civilization because of cancer, cancer and other natural diseases killed the weak and only the strong survived to propogate the species. the whole intellectual theory of curing cancer is idiotic and oxymoronic and won’t work either anyhow. I am not a hypocrite, by the way, I would never permit myself to be treated for cancer, at all, of any kind , even if was eminently so called curable or treatable. the fact is I would never know because I would myself never consent to any of the diagnostic tests anyhow, and as for street cred, I have it, I am 49 in just serviceable health with type 2 diabetes, so I have street cred. I also don’t believe there is any viable treatment for any form of cancer so called. The fact is that its not cost efficient to treat cancer, its a waste of limited financial monies best used for more logical reasons. this country flushes at least 100 billion down the financial toilet in the name of curing cancer on a annual basis, are we getting 100 billion of objectively certifiable value for all that spending, Of course not, its all a big waste of limited monies we can’t afford any longer.

I would really like to introduce Bonnie to Brian.