Bride of the Thread That Will Not Die

The endless thread continues. Our creationist cretins in the old thread are still jabbering away, making progressively less sense as time goes by, and various sub-themes continue to branch from it, but I can’t keep track of it all. Talk about whatever you want here.

One subject I might suggest is what to do with Alan Clarke and RogerS, the two babblers who keep this stuff going. I know, you’re like a bunch of tigers with a cat toy, and you’re all battering these guys back and forth, but they are getting old and stale — they’re clearly brain-dead, and Alan, a supposed computer professional, can’t even fix his web page. It’s nice that they’re confined to limited threads, but in case you hadn’t noticed, Scienceblogs is currently running on an old Commodore with a 1200 baud modem, so these bloated threads are a bit of a strain.

Keep them around for entertainment value? Boot ’em? Give Alan a deadline to fix his web page, or then kick his dilatory butt from the blog? You call it.