1. clinteas says


    ex and kid just had to evacuate the house b/o approaching fire in Melbourne’s Dandenongs…
    Got out ok and are now back after fire was brought under control by 110 trucks and 4 helicopters.
    Fucking scary shit.And 2 months to go !

  2. Katrina says

    We’ll be moving to the Seattle area this coming summer (yay PNW!)

    I’ll be great to go to really nice zoos and aquariums again. Here in Naples, the nearest zoo is in Rome, and the only aquarium I know about is Oltramare in Rimini.

  3. says

    Well, crap. I forgot that was coming up. We’ve got a membership to the Seattle Aquarium. (Which is a decent aquarium, incidentally, but my last aquarium was the New England Aquarium in Boston and I still love love love their great central tank.)

  4. Sven DiMilo says

    Yes, three hearts. One for each gill and another for the systemic circulation. (The mammalisn heart is functionally 2 hearts; they’re just combined into a single organ.)

  5. says

    Males can mate multiple times, but after this mating period, they enter into “senescence,” the terminal life stage.”

    The obvious solution is for the male to never stop mating. I wonder if male octopus masturbation would prevent senescence.