Retail version of evolution

A certain astronomer was impressed with this video:

Cool animation for sure (and even better in hd), but Bad Evolution. Once again, we get the portrayal of evolution as a progressive process, driven by lots of bloody (oily?) battles between individuals. This is the kind of thing that perpetuates common myths about biology.

Also, cyborg women are not the end result of evolution. They’re more like a delightfully exotic weird side-effect, way out on the fringe of diversity.


  1. says

    …But the hot cyberwomen are coming right?

    I realize that evolution’s a tree, not a ladder, etc… But she’s going to exist right? *crosses fingers*

  2. Chris says

    This video is terrible! Everyone knows all of those machines were on Noah’s steamboat! This just perpetuates anti-machinism beliefs and validates people’s atheism.

  3. says

    I don’t want to distract from the hot cyborg ladies but I just read this. Seems the catholic church is blaming the pill and ladies pee for blokes shooting blanks and other environmental pollution.

  4. says

    *AND* she’s one of those frauleins that speaks German in an exceptionally sexy manner.

    Evolution or not, the video’s damn cool.

  5. Steve says

    So, I’m seriously looking forward to the hot cyberladies, don’t get me wrong. The thing that really bothers me here isn’t the progression thing – I know it’s wrong but there will always be problems with adverts.

    The problem I saw was that the video depicts individual robots changing into other robots. That’s the big problem I have trying to explain evolution – people just can’t grasp the whole hereditary difference thing. This is affirming what a large number of idiots actually believe.

    But I am impressed by the future of cyberladies and will be investing in any research leading to them

  6. says

    One of the things that bothers me in this, is the Tyrannosaurus analog has a smokestack – he appears to be burning coal, and is probably steam powered. If that’s the case, why isn’t he out grubbing for coal and water, instead of wasting time fighting with the various internal-combustion monsters?

  7. says

    Evolution will continue as long as there are reproducible organisms with imperfect DNA replication and environmental stresses.

  8. Steve says

    You can embed hd youtube clips:
    All you need to do is make certain that “&ap=%2526fmt%3D22″ is appended to the URL string in the embed code.

    Also, in your link to hd, add “&fmt=22” to the destination address and it will go straight to hd.

  9. says

    Reminds me of what TJ Terue says in Ruby: Galactic Gumshoe…

    “Hmmmm…plastic…I like plastic, it’s soooo smoooth. Plastic makes me hot!”

    creepy…but funny.

    Being ruled by a technocracy of hot robot babes would be simply a very good start for TJ…

  10. o_0 says

    you guys are total dorks… this is obviously a video about I.D. not evolution. -.- That’s why the apeBot remade itself to a sexy femBot. duh!

  11. Tobias Radesäter says

    The science has to be much worse than that for me not to appreciate a video with a steam powered Tyrannosaurus Rex! It’s not supposed to be science, it’s supposed to look awesome, and it does. The people who don’t understand evolution won’t understand it less for watching this video.

  12. SteveM says

    And an ass made of chromium steel.

    Ack! No cushion for the …

    [Sorry, I couldn’t resist.]

  13. Lycosid says

    Surprised nobody’s referenced Olivia Munn as the Lesbionic Woman. Our future’s looking better every day!

  14. Simon says

    “The selection was hard, but now it’s here.”

    Exactly which factors in that environment would select for gimpy mutant third doors and bland plumage?

  15. Multicellular says

    There once was a Tin Man who lusted
    For a frau who was coppery busted
    When he went for her fur kit
    He completed the circuit
    And now he’s permanently rusted.

  16. RamblinDude says

    She’s a robot; she doesn’t look real,
    But she still has a certain appeal:
    She has silicon eyes
    And molybdenum thighs
    And an ass made of chromium steel.

    Buns of steel, eyes that say Si, logical . . . the perfect woman!

  17. ChrisGose says

    I completely lost hope when I saw a sabre tooth attacking a T-Rex.

    The woman looks like Screaming Mantis from MGS4 though which is cool.

  18. SiMPel MYnd says

    I’m just not ready for the whole cyberbabe future. I mean, if I have a cyberbabe, is she a replacement for my TV remote? If so, how do I change the channels without interacting with her? What happens if I lose her in the sofa cushions? It would be a very confusing time…

  19. Marc Aresteanu says

    I think evolutionists/rationalists/atheists, etc need to calm down. Posting this to laugh it is all good, but seriously thinking there’s anything wrong with it is a little petty. We need to pick and choose our battles. This is definitely not a good choice. This is nit-picking if ive ever seen it, and someone who’s insisted to think that they’re in the wrong won’t listen to your long heavy explanation after listening to you complaining about a stupid car commmercial. We should laugh at this…not actually be annoyed.

  20. says

    From the OEDILF (Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form):

    After seeing the video, I’d have thought OEDILF stands for Ogleworthy Electronic Dame… Well, you know the rest.

  21. Sara says

    Grimlock SMASH! What? He got defeated by Voltron? Clearly, this is Bad Evolution…

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

  22. Frasque says

    @ #26, if you think PZ was seriously upset at the “bad science”, you need to check the batteries in your humor detector.

  23. mandrake says

    (OT) Theresa –

    Everyone should know about Ruby!
    Best audio plays ever, anyone with a commute should check them out for sure. Sorry for the ot, but I lovelovelove ZBS and their stuff.

  24. Sclerophanax says

    Sheesh. Cyberwomen are obviously the result of cultural evolution, not biological evolution.

  25. says

    @ChrisGose #23
    Hope of what? It’s a commercial a German electronics store.

    Now what irked me is that the video cut off right before she was done saying “Wir hassen teuer!”, which was in many ways, the best part.

  26. Levi in NY says

    Ich wünschte, ich hätte eine Roboterfrau. Mein Computer ist doch nicht so sexy.

  27. SteveM says

    re #4:
    Be right back, need to go see about buying a Saturn.

    You should wait for the “going out of business” sale coming up in about 6 months. GM has already announced Saturn is to be chopped.

    [ok, I saw #32, but I had to snark about GM anyway]

  28. dingo says

    Ya know PZ, you’ve gotta pick your battles. In this forum, busting on a terminally hot cyborg goddess is simply futile.

  29. Priest says

    there’s just no way i can find cyber-women sexy, especially not those in the Heineken commercials. i just really hope no one in the anti-evolution field takes this video as a serious representation of evolution, cool as it may look.

    and Janine, nice call on Kraftwerk!!

  30. Donnie B. says

    Based on the Foley effects in that video, there was a wide-open niche for the evolution of lubricants. Maybe that’s what led to the Cyberbabe…

  31. Aj says


    When I saw the start of the ad I hoped they’d brought out some really cool new Zoids kits.

    Sexy cyborg lady is scant consolation.

  32. ishstanbul says

    evolution is stupid…The ToE virus sweeps through atheists like AIDS sweeps through homosexuals. Heck you dopes can’t even identify any mutation (much less a random one) that adds a new gross piece of anatomy — of any size or shape.


  33. Janine, Bitter Friend says

    I nominate ishstanbul, not constantinople, as one of the most pig ignorant and hateful one shot trolls ever.

    Happy Monkey!

  34. Nerd of Redhead says

    Yeah, ishtanbul can’t even express a religious theory like creationism or ID. Making remarks about a scientific theory doesn’t do anything to prove a religious theory.

  35. Wowbagger says

    Is that pissant Stan back again? Oh well, we won’t have to wait long; PZ will ban his stupid ass and delete his comments.

    Wave bye-bye little Stannie!

  36. Nerd of Redhead says

    Stan the spam, do you have a competing scientific theory to offer? If so, please cite the primary scientific (no creationist/ID websites, as the US courts say both are religious) where I can find this theory? You need to prove yourself to us, not the other way around.

  37. Janine, Bitter Friend says

    Too the sad sack morphing sack of shit, (Which can get you banned.)

    I do not need to. There are plenty of regulars here who can do that. They know then me about the subject and they are also much better spoken too.

    Sadly for you, I really do not need to prove anything. You have done the work in showing that you embrace your stupidity and that you are very homophobic. I am sure you also hate other groups of people but not speculate. I will wait for you to stick you foot in your month.

  38. Nerd of Redhead says

    Stan the idiot, Darwinists don’t exist except in England. In America, we have biologist who specialize in Modern Synthesis (or evolution). You should know that, being a brilliant idiot and all.

  39. Nerd of Redhead says

    Stan the village idiot, you didn’t cite the primary scientific literature, so you theory has no credence. But then, you know that. Publish it or it will perish.

  40. Wowbagger says

    Stan the village idiot, you didn’t cite the primary scientific literature, so you theory has no credence. But then, you know that. Publish it or it will perish.

    But Nerd – you’re forgetting there’s an evil Atheist/Darwinist™ conspiracy out there, and it’s out to keep a true genius like Stan from revealing the truth to the world. That’s why he wears that tinfoil hat – because their satellites are reading his brainwaves.

    Stan! Turn around, quick! There’s someone behind you!

  41. Nerd of Redhead says

    Tin man, either cite the primary scientific literature or shut up. You have nothing and you know it, so quit proving you are a fool by talking.

  42. KnockGoats says

    aka individuals evolve – moron stan

    Not even wrong, stan, not even wrong – so you’re right, it’s not debatable. Piss off.

  43. says

    There’s no point engaging with Stan’s tedious babbling lunacy because his droppings will be deleted by PZ, leaving a lot of dangling references and a trainwreck of thread-derailment.


  44. Nerd of Redhead says

    Thats right Emmet, tin is a toxic metal and must be segregated for special disposal.

  45. says

    kel, you dope, those lizards are not mutating. show me the mutation link.

    Stan you ignoramus, if you actually read the articles they talk about the before and after of those lizards. The body has drastically morphologically changed in just 30 years… and what do we call a change in one’s morphological structure? It’s………………………………………………………………………………………. a mutation!

  46. Nerd of Redhead says

    Kel, let the poisonous metal alone. PZ will see the waste is properly disposed of. Along with his irrational ideas.

  47. says

    kel, you are an idiot. a mere structural change is NOT a mutation….what’s wrong with you…where did you learn about evolution — Sesame Street?

    Of course it’s a mutation, and it satisfies the criteria you asked for. “that adds a new gross piece of anatomy”, that’s a new piece of anatomy, if you think that evolution does anything more than modify what’s there then it’s you who needs to go back to kindergarten. We can show you mutations, selection, adaptation, speciation. All of the requirements for evolution to take place.

    Just because you have a hard time understanding the basics of a theory, it doesn’t mean that the theory is wrong. Go and read a book on the subject before announcing you know better than the millions of scientists who have worked on evolution over the last 150 years who would all say you are wrong!

  48. says

    And… he’s off…


    Don’t worry, Stan, they’ll take you back to your padded room soon and give you a nice plastic bowl of mashed bananas and a nice big rubber spoon. Try to get more of it in your mouth this time.

  49. says

    the mutation(s) haven’t even been identified, genius. Got anything else? …and by the way, I was talking about testing the theory on actual animals.

    You expect us to see mutation in actual animals? Fucking hell you don’t understand how evolution works in the slightest.

  50. Owlmirror says

    Stan, you stupid pathetic shit, when are you going to prove your weak-ass “theory” of how evolution works by EVOLVING YOURSELF?!

    Jump in the water and grow gills, for fuck’s sake.

  51. says
    In terms of a recent mutation in humans.

    Though I don’t see the point of this. If you actually had anything to support your claims, you’d be writing peer review papers to all the major scientific journals and fighting tooth & claw to get your idea recognised. Instead you rant on a science blog and think that somehow you know better than the entire scientific community. If you could truly show evolution can’t work, then you’d be remembered as the man who disproved evolution. So why are you raving on this blog instead of fighting for your idea in the academic arena?

  52. says

    not possible owl…nor is common descent.

    So why do we have the genetic markings that could only be explained by common descent? The fused chromosome or the ERV-Ks that are identical in humans and chimpanzees. How else do you explain them Stan? And why aren’t you writing this up and submitting it to Science or Nature instead of arguing with people here? Why is it you think you know better than the entire scientific community of the last century?

    And why are you frantically morphing to post on this blog? You’ve been banned for being an idiot. Morphing shows how truly pathetic you really are.

  53. says

    this site sucks. bye

    I hope you are busy preparing a peer-reviewed article to send to the various major science journals.

  54. Wowbagger says

    this site sucks. bye

    Who wants to take bets on how long it takes before little Stannie proves himself a liar – well, in this regard at least; he’s been a liar all along.

  55. says

    PZ Myers wrote:

    Weird little drive-by troll who goes into posting fits. Never says anything of substance, just insists that change is preprogrammed into genomes, and natural selection doesn’t work, and babbles, babbles, babbles.

  56. Nerd of Redhead says

    Poor tin hat man. Why do these guys always spout their stuff here instead of getting is published as Kel said in the primary scientific literature? It always reminds me of who gets published. Those who show their work to friends and relatives, or those who show their work to agents and editors?

  57. says

    I honestly don’t get why people like Stan, or Randy, or Charlie Wagner, or any of the other trolls, are so resistant to the idea of doing science. They claim they know better than the scientists, yet don’t seem able to actually put their ideas into cohesive sentences and try to fight for them in the scientific community. Instead they just seem to keep the fight up in the academic arena – hoping it seems that those who are uninformed will look to their point of view instead of looking to people who have dedicated their lives to studying it.

    Science is done in the scientific community, posting a comment on a science blog is not participating in the scientific community. It’s just displaying the arrogance of those who think they know better without actually wanting to do the work.

  58. Owlmirror says

    Kel, you have to understand that stan, aka supersport, aka guzman, is a Lysenkoist from way back.

    I just did the search, and tracked down what he thinks happens:

    So answer me this for me, Dr. Myers — do you not see how it could APPEAR that gene frequencies are changing in a population if ALL the members (who are each individually genetically adaptive) change genetically to the same environmental cue? Just to stick with the same example, if 1000 people got flu shots and they all generated genetic changes to provide new antibodies, could that not APPEAR to be populational “evolution?” Could it not appear that the population “evolved” via natural selection if it were seen or noticed after the fact in the field? (Can you say “Antifreeze Gene?) Dr. Myers, can you not see this simple logic? Can you not see that your insistence that individuals cannot pass on these genetic changes (which is an unsupported assertion any) is completely and totally unimportant?

    “Immersion in water” is an environmental cue, but stan doesn’t want to admit that his “theory”, stolen from Trofim Lysenko, means that the cells of his body should just magically change to those of an organism that filters air from the water.

    Stupid brain-dead moron that he is.

  59. says

    stan, aka supersport, aka guzman, is a Lysenkoist

    They still exist? Fuck, that’s almost as antiquated as finding a Lamarkian.

  60. Owlmirror says

    Oh, and this quote from Stan is even more full of teh Lysenkoist wacky!:

    The reality is genetic processes are internalized and individuals have the power and capacity to read and respond to environmental challenges. I would like to say that mind and matter cannot be separated and that intelligence is an emergent property of all molecules, tissues, cells, organs, etc, but ultimately it doesn’t even matter what’s responsible because it can never be seen or proven anyway. The important thing is that the results of internal processes doing their thing is very testable and observable….and it has been observed that individuals do have the capability to evolve. The reality is genes and genomes are followers, not leaders in evolutionary change. This puts the big hurt on ToE, which says the opposite.

  61. KnockGoats says

    I honestly don’t get why people like Stan, or Randy, or Charlie Wagner, or any of the other trolls, are so resistant to the idea of doing science. – Kel

    Lack of ability and/or application. None of them are capable of more than mining the literature (mostly, not even the primary literature) for any fragments they think fit into their half-baked notions. I’ve found exactly the same in an argument (on Andrew Brown’s blog) with one James Plaskett, who is certainly far brighter than any of the above (he’s a chess grandmaster), and less obnoxious, but shows just the same combination of astounding arrogance, a collection of favourite talking points based on misrepresentation, and complete failure to understand the target of their spleen.

  62. Janine, Bitter Friend says

    Posted by: stan | January 5, 2009 9:02 PM [kill]​[hide comment]

    Janine, Bitter Tramp: “Too the sad sack morphing sack of shit, (Which can get you banned.)”

    Janine, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    A chewed gum for brains troll who cannot follow it’s own advice. I am shocked, just shocked.

  63. Owlmirror says

    Anyway, my point is: stan does not give a shit about science; all he cares about is (1) being a rude asshole and (2) saying that evolution is a lie and (3) promoting Lysenkoism.

    So why bother trying to discuss anything with him? Be rude right back, and challenge him to “prove” Lysekoism using his own body.

  64. says

    The reality is genetic processes are internalized and individuals have the power and capacity to read and respond to environmental challenges.

    We should put stan in a steel cage and drop him in a river. If he’s able to breathe, stretch his body out to fit between the bars, or morph his body in such a way in order to break the cage, then I’ll concede he’s right. If he drowns in the process, so be it.

  65. says

    I hope you guys are right. Maybe my bullshit/humor detector was weak, but I sometimes get surprised how annoyed people get over commercials not being realistic…

    I remember arguing with Mr.Dawkins over wether Colbert is right in dismissing an evolutionist’s argument. Sometimes our fundie detectors interfere with our humor detectors.

  66. Kevin Schreck says

    Yeah, it’s scientificially inaccurate. But it’s also hella badass.

    The music, fluid animation, and detailed designs are superb!

  67. KnockGoats says

    I remember arguing with Mr.Dawkins over wether Colbert is right in dismissing an evolutionist’s argument. Sometimes our fundie detectors interfere with our humor detectors. – marc aresteanu

    I speak from direct experience in saying Colbert’s satire is not obviously such to someone (particularly a Brit) who’s never heard of him before. He just looks and sounds like an arsehole.

  68. Bezoar says

    And “IT” speaks german too. Makes me want to get on my hands and knees and bark like a dog.

  69. Peter says

    I don’t really get the connection between the depiction of ‘survival of the fittest (technology)’ and the pay off: “We hate expensive”. Okay, your products are cheap … but you’re showing me this how?

  70. Corn says

    A little OT: I live 5 minutes (by foot) from the largest “Saturn” store i.e. the flagship store. It’s in Cologne (Germany) and houses world’s largest CD/DVD choice. It’s true, I’ve been at the Virgin Megastore in NY and boy was it a wee little booth compared to Saturn/Cologne – I virtually live in that damn store and more than once almost got lost in the “jazz cellar”.
    So if you happen to be in Cologne and have some time left, see if you’d like to grab a CD or two…