1. God Retardent says

    WOW!! What a beautiful Octo-Pussy on the one girl,I wonder what function the tentacles perform?

  2. clinteas says

    Im very disappointed that NBWAW even wants to report this to the flickr overlords.
    Cant see anything wrong with it at all,NSFW,meh….

  3. 'Tis Himself says

    I agree with PZed, all the mammals are quite unnecessary for enjoyment of the cephalerotica.

  4. MH says


    We might not see anything wrong with it, but an employer might. A ‘NSFW’ tag is a courtesy, and I’m surprised that PZ didn’t add one to this post.

  5. says

    There are cephalopods in those pictures?
    Goes back and takes yet another look …
    Oh, yeah, I guess there are.

  6. God Retardent says

    Reminds me of an old sea song

    Once I saw an octopus
    out in the deep blue sea
    I called out , “Miss. Octopus,
    Won’t you play with me?”
    Then out came her tentacles,
    very long and straight
    Oh my goodness,
    eight ways to masturbate!

  7. says

    I saw that on Boing Boing last night and said to myself, “Quick! PZ must be informed!” And then I wised up and said (again to myself; no one else is here), “Wait a minute, everyone and his aunt will be sending this to his attention.” I never for a moment suspected it would be mothers instead. (My mom would never send you naughty pictures like that.)

  8. Quidam says

    I think a more accurate description would be necrocephalerotica.

    Draping dead mollusks over female mammals improves the appearance of neither

  9. mayhempix says

    I saw it at Boing Boing too… but knew you would get plenty of notice from the other godless immoral atheists.

  10. Cruithne says

    would those pictures be classified as Vagina Tentata?

    Oh, please yourselves.

    Anyway, I guess it takes all sorts. Anyone remember Alan Moore’s wonderful creation the little pervert space alien called Zirk ?
    Zirk had a real fetish for tentatcled things that thrashed!

  11. clinteas says

    dead mollusks over female mammals

    Beats the title of my favourite music album,”Red Skies over Paradise”

    Draping dead mollusks over female mammals improves the appearance of neither

    i would have to agree.

  12. says

    @clinteas #3: Well, it’s not like I have a problem with nudity. The owner of the photostream just needs to reclassify them so they don’t appear under the default “family-friendly” filter. It’s not like he’ll have to take them down. (I’m assuming he holds the copyright to those images when I say that.)

    I post some far more explicit stuff on my stream, but I abide by Flickr’s TOS when I do it. If he doesn’t like the rules, there are other places to host images.

  13. Shamar says

    If you stare at the pictures long enough….you might notice some cephalopods in the pictures too! It might be too hard to get your mind off of the girls to notice though.

  14. clinteas says


    fair enough,that would seem easy to do.

    there are other places to host images.

    I always took you for a Deviant Art person anyway..:-)

  15. Craig says

    “A ‘NSFW’ tag is a courtesy, and I’m surprised that PZ didn’t add one to this post.”

    Yeah, because simply referring to a link to flickr photos as being a form or erotica wasn’t enough warning.

  16. Sastra says

    Very lovely, though I couldn’t help imagining the possible reactions of some of the poor models when informed about the nature of the shot:

    “Ok, here, put this on.” “What the hell is that??!!” “Look, it’s artistic, okay? It probably doesn’t bite, I don’t think those are teeth or anything. We’ll snap it real quick.”

  17. PennyBright says

    Oy. Poor dead octopuses indeed. Conceptually interesting, but bestiality is questionable enough – necrophiliac bestiality even more so.

    IMHO, tentacle porn should stay safely in the realms of hentai.

  18. tripwire says

    Now it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts sending their Japanese tentacle rape anime to PZ…

  19. says

    #12: Definitely NSFW, but I believe that is pretty well inferred in the intro.

    I infer that you should have said “implied” there.

  20. JM Inc. says

    Oh, PZ, we didn’t know you were into hentai. Whatever does the old trophy wife think, hmmm?

  21. says

    Infer or imply? You’re probably smarter than me on the exact usage, but since I used it the way I did, it is totally acceptable.

    When I do it, it’s not an abuse of the language…..and yes I just finished watching Frost/Nixon.


  22. AdamK says

    It is perhaps arguable that that phrase could be construed something like “…it is pretty well [to be] inferred [from the material contained] in the intro.” As long as TF receives the generous benefit of the doubt.

  23. Longtime Lurker says

    Cant see anything wrong with it at all,NSFW,meh…

    There’s a difference between prudery and prudence.

    Sure, we may not be perturbed by these pictures, but maybe our human resource departments would be. A tag is all we desire.

  24. melior says

    I can’t view the flickr set, first it forced me to create an identity, now it says that photo set is “private”. I wish people would avoid user-hostile photo sites.