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    “I have no idea why someone would take a term like natural selection and say it is random”, said Miller when reached for an interview.

    Miller sees natural selection as one of the essential paths to complex life forms. Such a mechanism gives species the ability to filter out what doesn’t work and leave what does. Professor Miller echoes this notion, saying “[n]atural selection is a distinctly non-random process that acts as a sieve through which genetic changes are filtered.” Just as a sieve filled with various rocks will not end up filtering out its contents randomly, natural selection does not filter organisms randomly.

  2. Terre says

    Hello, a friend just linked me this picture: and I thought it was funny-but also inaccurate. Einstein was never an atheist- he simply did not believe in a Jewish/christian idea of a personal God, also, Abe Lincoln was never confirmed an atheist, however he showed leanings towards Deism. Benjamin Franklin was also a deist. There are differences between agnosticism, atheism, and deism. I just thought I would point it out, as it would still be funny-if everyone on it were an atheist.