Looking for a host, and it’s Molly Time

No, not that kind of host. Our scheduled host for the Tangled Bank had to back out due to time constraints. If anyone wants to volunteer to host it next Wednesday, let me know and I’ll forward the entries to you.

Also, who should get a Molly award for the month of July? Mention your choice(s) and reasoning in the comments here. I’ll tally ’em up at the end of this weekend.


Tangled Bank hosting is taken care of: the first volunteer was PalMD of the denialism blog. Start mailing those links in!


  1. Nick Gotts says

    Owlmirror for Molly – for the lolcatz version of Crackergate – which I hope to see completed.

  2. Wowbagger says

    Damian (with an ‘a’) and Owlmirror – both great during the cracker frenzy.

  3. Spaulding says

    Michael Edmondson, of “Beware the Believers” fame, unless that’s stretching the rules too much.

  4. CJO says

    oaksterdam @ #3,
    Are you suggesting we give a Molly to a string of code?

    I like it.

    are you in oaksterdam? I live close to there.

    If we’re not giving it to a string of code, then I second the nomination of Moses.

  5. E.V. says

    So many distinguished themselves within the hundreds of Crackergate threads.
    Owlmirror, Moses, Patricia and SC were awesome.
    Not to slight the others but Moses and Owlmirror are the standouts in my humble opinion. (-love you as well, Ms. B. Dickus)

  6. Sastra says

    Owlmirror is a good choice, I’m glad he’s been suggested.

    Once again I vote Dave W for general excellence, and for arguing cogently and civilly against an angry room of Pharyngulites that Cook’s original act wasn’t really quite the thing, morally. Agree or not (which I did), he made a reasonable case.

    Also Nick Gotts, because I vaguely seem to recall him being particularly good in several threads, recently, in some place or other. At least, I remember thinking “O, a Molly for you, my good man.”

  7. Sven DiMilo says

    Yeah, I was going to suggest Owlmirror, and it would have been the first comment of the thread, but then I couldn’t remember a reason. So I didn’t. Yet now I have.
    No particular reason.

  8. oaksterdam says

    CJO #10

    Piedmont-ish. Overlooking Glen Echo creek.

    Anyone else just see Rachel Maddow rip into Pat Buchannon?

  9. says

    If you’re still looking for a Tangled Bank host, I’d be thrilled and honored to do it. I’d need the submissions in my mailbox by Friday, though, so I can get it done over the weekend. Come Monday, there’s no way I’m going to have time to do any blogging until at least next Friday.

  10. Helioprogenus says

    Chalk another Owl Mirror, Damian, SC and Patricia, in no particular order.

    Also, Dutch delight for disagreeing with my polemic statements.

    I would like to add all the gun control advocates who never really used a handgun to give me a different perspective on things, but there are too many to name. Sarcasm aside, it’s too bad you people make a rational and sound argument. Perhaps under different circumstances, I would embrace it, but I also know how important one’s rights are to protect family, self, and personal property. Let it be known that in a perfect world, we’d only have tranquilizer darts to shoot each other with (ooooh, can you imagine the fun that would cause?). Of course, Donohue would probably be in a perpetual coma because of the all the tranquilizers, but then again, parts of his brain seem to be enjoying comatose status.

  11. Paul W. says

    Dave W.? or Paul W.?

    (There is a Dave W., but I suspect some people mean Paul W.; Dave wasn’t very active in the mentioned stuff.)

  12. Hap says

    #17: bS already has one, fortunately. I didn’t miss the post about him, but I didn’t know any journalists. Mike Royko would have been good, but he died a few years ago (he had articles in the early to mid-70’s about a black Vietnam vet who lost his face to a mine or rocket and was denied reconstructive surgery until it became public and the VA realized how evil they looked).

  13. maxi says

    I think it’s high-time moses got a Molly. Mentions also to Glen D and Nick Gotts, all for consistenty brilliant, erudite and intelligent posts.

  14. Michael X says

    You’re telling me that Owlmirror doesn’t have a Molly yet? This needs to be fixed pronto. And has AJ Milne gotten one yet? Another deserving poster.

  15. says

    When you said you were “looking for a host”, I immediately thought “parasite”.

    It took me minutes to realize you might actually mean a Eucharist.

    Then I realized that my first guess still works.

  16. Sastra, OM says

    Paul W #21 wrote:

    Dave W.? or Paul W.?

    Arggh, I meant PAUL W. Of course. You. Paul. Same as last month. And till you drop off or get Mollied, probably with boring regularity.

    I thought there was something I wrote there that didn’t look quite right. But I try not to trust my instincts.

  17. 386sx says

    It just dawns on me the clever symbolism with sticking the rusty nail into the holy wafer thingy. I can be a little slow at times. Duh!

  18. Mark B. from Austin TX says

    I’m gonna be a jerk and suggest Melanie Kroll (and her stupid husband). She only commented once or twice, but she had a big impact. On herself. D’oh!!

  19. SC says

    Nick Gotts, again

    (with the intention of posting a long list later of people whose comments I’ve enjoyed this month, just to say thanks)

  20. Sanen Azok says

    Hey cool a Molly award. Can I get it from you (steal it from somewhere) so I can desecrate it to get attention?

  21. Sastra, OM says

    Sanen Azok #32 wrote:

    Hey cool a Molly award. Can I get it from you (steal it from somewhere) so I can desecrate it to get attention?

    No. If you can figure out how to steal and desecrate the Molly Award, you automatically earn it, with honors.

  22. says

    No. If you can figure out how to steal and desecrate the Molly Award, you automatically earn it, with honors.

    And even then we wouldn’t pee our collective diapers over it.

  23. 386sx says

    No. If you can figure out how to steal and desecrate the Molly Award, you automatically earn it, with honors.

    The only way I can figure would be if PZ Myers won the Molly award himself. That’s the only thing I can figure.

    Everybody nominate PZ Myers please, and then that will desecrate the Molly award. I’m serious people!! Thank you.

  24. nominatePZmyers (='.'=) 386sx says

    Everybody nominate PZ Myers so we can all desecrate the Molly award, I mean it!!

    I nominate PZ Myers.

  25. CrypticLife says

    “And even then we wouldn’t pee our collective diapers over it.”

    I would. I’m all for as much desecration as possible, and if all I have to desecrate is a diaper, so be it.

  26. Benjamin Franklin says

    I would like to pass on the nomination of Benjamin Franklin by David Marjanović, OM, in abstentia. David is away digging up trilobytes.

  27. John Morales says


    There’re other meritorious candidates, but I don’t want to dilute my vote! ;)

  28. Benjamin Franklin says

    David Marjanovic, OM, also suggested that I nominate myself.

    Towards that end,

    I nominate Benjamin Franklin-


    Frequent Contributor
    Several dozens (hundreds?) of posts this month, even being away on vacation for a week.

    Months of solid posting

    Positive attitudeNow Paul at the Blog is friend of mine,
    He lets blog here for free,
    I’m quick with the joke, or to light up your smoke,
    and there’s nowhere that I’d rather be.

    Agrees with the almost all of the Pharyngula message.

    Not a spelling or grammar nazi, but does try to correct incorrect or misconstrued quotes, facts, logic, or reality (well, my reality, of course).

    Tries to present posts with biting satire, interesting aspects, differing viewpoints, and arcane, aged & dated, but revered references to cultural icons and trivia.

    Appreciative of solid, well reasoned, & well presented posts, and acknowledge the posters of such good work.

    Doesn’t overfeed the trolls, but can also go head to head with the best of ’em.

    Usually produces a laugh, smile, groan, or new thought.

    Supporter of local events – I attended, hoisted beers, and thoroughly enjoyed being with PZ & Pharyngulites at the Atlanta Pharyngulafest.

    I admit when I make mistakes, or have been shown to be wrong.

    Keeps sexual harassment to the barest minimum, while keeping sexual entendres to a growing, pulsing, climax producing an ejaculation of mirth, if you know what I mean. (I never said they were always subtle.)

    If installed in the Order of the Molly, I promise not to skip out to obsessive pursue other interests. (Etha Williams, are you listening? Your voice is needed here.)

    Offers a different persective – As I have stated previously in this blog, I am not an atheist. I’m still working on a better name for it, but I prefer Einstein’s concept of Deistic Spinozaism. I reject all religions as unproven superstition, but I do not, and can not reject the vast wondrous and to us yet, miraculous unknown nature of the reality in which we exist.

    So if I don’t get proposed for induction into the Order of the Molly, I know that it is only the bigoted hatred of all you godless atheists out there, it’s just like you want to burn a cross in my yard, or paint swastikas on my house, or wrap my children in bacon, or take the hamburgers off my barbeque, or other vile deeds.

    Do the right thing, nominate Benjamin Franklin for a Molly.

  29. Paul W. says

    BrokenSoldier, Mrs. Tilton, Glen Davidson already have Mollies.

    For reference, the full list of Mollies is here:
    http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/molly.php (or click on commenters in the header bar).

    I’d be plenty happy with me (Paul W.), SC, Moses, frog, Owlmirror, Nick Gotts, and Damian, in no particular order except me first. :-)

    Strange month. So many good (and persistent) posters that it’s hard to pay enough quality attention to all those threads to be fair. I can think of another half-dozen likelies, but must stop.

    Special personal thanks to frog, negentropyeater, and Moses for making me personally think harder about some particular stuff. (I’d similarly thank Truth Machine on one point, but fuck it, the info/abuse ratio wasn’t high enough.)

  30. Bride of Shrek OM says

    I’d really like to see Owlmirror win this months Molly. Almost everytime he/she comments I’m nodding to myself thinking “Yeah, that’s a point I hadn’t though of”. He/she has the intelligent lateral thinking thing down pat and I love that- it challenges you.

    I’d also like to nominate Patricia for witty commnents and for fighting the good fight against the ever incoming tide of trolls. She goes for the jugular, skewers and shows no mercy… And she’s a fellow member of the elite group of women commenters here (and Clinteas- honorary man-slut) who have reclaimed the term “slut” after that stupid cow in the “Dear Sir/Madam” thread tried to nick it off us. Sluts unite!!

  31. says

    I can’t be bothered to look up the name right now, but the person who did the I CAN HAS JEEBUS CRACKER? thing gets my vote.

  32. 386sx says

    This month it should be PZ Myers.

    Posted by: Greg Laden | July 30, 2008 8:31 PM

    Yes it should because that would desecrate the Molly award. Perfect.

    Ecverybody desecrate the Molly award by nominating PZ Myers.

  33. truth machine, OM says

    This month it should be PZ Myers.

    The King doesn’t need to be knighted.

  34. truth machine, OM says

    I’d similarly thank Truth Machine on one point, but fuck it, the info/abuse ratio wasn’t high enough.

    Nice innuendo, but you richly deserved what you got.

  35. Benjamin Franklin says

    OK, you forced me to do this-

    Benjamin Franklin = wookerist


    also here’s a sampling of the ChristOCracker saga

    New ChristOCrackers They’re Desecratingly delicious!

    ChristOCrackers Desecratingly Delicious
    now in 3 great flavors
    and Doublemint – get the most from your host

    ChristOCrackersLike no other cracker on Earth

    New ChristOCracker Minisfor that baby Jesus taste

    Announcing – ChristESSENCE Table WafersBaked in the Spirit

    ChristESSENCE Table Wafers“It’s good for the soul!”
    now fortified with iron!

    new, low calorie ChristOCrackers Lite table wafers-
    “Tastes Great!”
    “Less God-Filling!”

    ChristOCrackersThey’re not just for breakfast anymore!

    ChristOCrackers It’s all a perfect body needs for perfection.

    ChristOCrackersWithout ’em, you don’t stand a Holy Ghost of a chance!

    ChristOCrackersNow fortified with irony

    ChristOCrackersThe Perfect cracker with Rusty Nails

    ChristOCrackersAvailable in red, or blue, it’s your choice.

    ChristOCrackersThe perfected cracker for any occasion.

    New ‘Texas Style’ ChristOCrackersguaranteed to be not over 6,000 years old.

    ChristOCrackersBetter than a Molly nomination? NO WAY!


  36. truth machine, OM says

    Agree or not (which I did), he made a reasonable case.

    If intellectually dishonest = reasonable.

  37. truth machine, OM says

    Some month when there’s no standout like Owlmirror, Glen D ought to get one for his numerous rational erudite contributions.

  38. Nerd of Redhead says

    All the above mentioned candidates are Molly material. I salute you all.
    Given the whole crackergate brouhaha, and the sheer number of posts by the whole gang, it would seem fitting that an honorary Molly, just mentioning the facts with no names listed, be given to all those who helped to fend off the hordes of offended Catholics. This is not likely to be a regular occurrence.

  39. says

    Oh, had to come back for this, not to be missed.

    SC – Wowbagger – Moses – any and all of which would be delightful.


  40. Kit says

    Have to nominate Owlmirror, if a lurker’s say is worth anything. I was linked here awhile back through fstdt.com and have been following Crackergate ever since, but nothing’s made me laugh as hard as seeing the whole messy business lolcat’ized.

    (I’m enjoying the actual science a great deal, too. New addition to my bookmarks!)

  41. bybelknap, FCD says

    Owlmirror for the LOLCAT summary. Now if he can manage a LOLCAT summarizing of Proust – that would be something to inspire awe.

  42. Pierce R. Butler says

    During the heat of cracker combat, Nick Gotts on multiple occasions made a lot of sense in relatively few words.

  43. SC says


    I’m so relieved to hear it. And that’s wonderful news at the end. All the best, dear man.


  44. Paul W. says

    I’d similarly thank Truth Machine on one point, but fuck it, the info/abuse ratio wasn’t high enough.

    Nice innuendo, but you richly deserved what you got.

    Maybe. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you picked up on the “innuendo” part, but missed the grudging admission part. Not enough, I guess.

    If you want to continue our little bar brawl, I suggest we not pollute the lovefest in this thread, and pick up where we left off in this older thread:


    Anybody who’s terribly worried about our respective honors can follow it over there. (BTW, I was serious about being willing to follow up with you after the lawyers left.)

  45. Larry says

    I humbly submit Robin as my nominee for said award. His/her arguments that a solar eclipse closely resembling an eye can’t simply be an astronomical coincidence, it must therefore be evidence of the creator. In face of overwhelming meaty arguments to the contrary, he/she stuck to his/her guns and refused to open his/her mind to the possibilities.

    It was truly awe-inspiring to witness such manifest stupidity.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  46. firemancarl says

    I agree with Dustin OM post #44.

    We really ought to give them out to Melanie Kroll and her hubby. Oh, the irony and oh, how they would wail!

  47. queenofdenyl says

    I vote owlmirror. i actually had to change my pants i laughed so hard.

    i’m not kidding.

  48. Benjamin Franklin says

    PHARYNGULITES: ………………………
    PHARYNGULITES: ………………………

  49. says

    Owlmirror, because I’m a herd animal.

    Oh, and science doesn’t know everything? Hell, science doesn’t know anything. Science is a tool for coming up with good guesses about stuff. Guesses that are, in the long run, wrong, but serve well enough for the while they’re viable. Remember the progression in science degrees;

    You get your bachelors when you think you know everything.

    You get your masters when you learn you know nothing.

    You get your doctorate when you realize, neither does anybody else.

  50. LisaJ says

    Re #83:

    “You get your bachelors when you think you know everything.

    You get your masters when you learn you know nothing.

    You get your doctorate when you realize, neither does anybody else.”

    Love it! This is the perfect description, really. Fits my scientific life to a t!

  51. bumper says

    Wowbagger – for commenting above and beyond the call of duty during Crackergate. I went back and checked just one entry and he/she had over 20 posts. I haven’t reread them all, but I remember at the time feeling impressed that he was responding so well and so frequently to all manner of stupidity. Well done, Wowbagger.

  52. themadlolscientist, FCD says

    bhold, on dis dai hath Ceiling Cat apeerd un2 me in a dreem & sed:

    Iz Teh 1 Tru Ceiling Cat wot maded u but did not eated u, & all Mai folowrz shal vot 4 Owlmirror wot hath pleezd Me gretly.

    4 Owlmirror iz Mai profet & hath rited Mai wurdz truely.

    ther4 hark un2 teh vois of Ceiling Cat:

    bhold, if Owlmirror doth not winneth teh Molly, verily I shal smite thee wif teh plagz ov fleez & tickx, & ther shal b gret waling & ganashin of teefs & scratchin & stufz.

    & u shal b casted in2 teh basement wif the puppehs & all teh nasty mean evol peeps wots bin doin all teh nasty mean evol stufz dey raeded bout in Wikidpedia(TM) insted ov raedin teh LOLcatz Bibel & doin all teh g00d stufz.

    & u no can has cheezburgrz, nor cookies, nor pespis, nor beerz, nor gushyf00dz, nor catnip meeses, nor suny plases, nor dat stufz wot is liek catnipz 4 peeps, nor isecreemz, nor PENIS GOES WHERE (xept 4 SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!), nor ne ov Mai othr blesings nemoar 4evr.

    but ur stummicks shal be sorly aflictd wif teh furballz, & u shal not be abel 2 cast dem 4th. & teh fleez & tickx shal torment u 4evr moar.

    & all teh puppehs shal has teh doggy breff, & dey shal ch00 up ur sh00z.

    & dey shal pee on teh furnicher & mek p00piez on teh florz, & teh plase shal giv 4th a mitey stinkx, wich shal surpass teh stinkx of fier & brim ston & uncleen sandbockxz all 2gethr.

    so tehre. & let all teh kittehs sais amen.


  53. says

    I have to admit that time constraints prevented me from keeping up with every frackin’ comment thread on crackers. So, I missed the owlmirror post. I hate being late to the party all the time. That is the mollyest thing I have ever seen and if I were the King of Morris I would give double-vote points for all of the votes for owlmirror. Look, check this out:

    Owlmirror, Order of the Molly. Owl Mirror, OM. O.M. OM. OM, OM. It’s a mantra, it’s fate. It must be owlmirror.

  54. Rayven Alandria says

    Wowbanger made many great posts during crackergate. Of course, the Catholics refused to answer his questions, but the posts were great nonetheless.

  55. Patricia says

    JefferyD – Please don’t leave us. I send you a big ol’ hug and a *SMOOCH*!

  56. Kseniya says

    Owlmirror, for uncounted months of outstanding commentary, and for many reasons, not the least of which is his ongoing, persistent and tenacious sparring with i-design imaginist Daniel Smith over on the all-but-forgotten Vox/pipsqueak thread.

    If we’re going for two, add a vote for Nick Gotts, for similar reasons. Cheers, Nick!

    Incidentally, there’s no rule against voting for a prior winner, and no reason not to. I do realize that the “Order” aspect of the award has taken on a life of its own, though.

    As usual, Pharyngulites will do as they see fit. :-)

  57. Efogoto says

    I nominate craig. All throughout the cracker threads, I kept thinking that he had a clear position and wrote some great entries. I also kept thinking that I need to nominate this guy for a Molly, so this is the pay off.

  58. Rey Fox says

    Owlmirror’s gotta get it this time. Not so much for the LOLcats thing (although he gets credit for realizing that LOLcat speak is only funny and not-painful-to-read in small bites). He deserves a medal for his lengthy back-and-forth with Daniel Smith on the “Sorry Vox” thread. Owned that guy again and again, of course Danny didn’t realize it. Three thousand comments and he still doesn’t get that he does not have a mechanism.

    Honorable mentions this month go to Moses (for his Bible-fu) and Emmett Caulfield (for never letting the Catholics get away with any abuse of facts in the child molestation coverup).

  59. John Morales says

    Kseniya, I did not doubt you for an instant.

    (nothing to do with you being an elite black-ops assassin, either).

  60. maureen says

    Rev.BigDumbChump for sterling service in the face of any number of idiocies.

  61. truth machine, OM says

    but missed the grudging admission part. Not enough, I guess.

    You’re such an absurd ass. I missed nothing, certainly not your “but fuck it” which indeed is “not enough”.

    If you want to continue our little bar brawl, I suggest

    Look, asshole, you’re the one who called me out as being too abusive to compliment as you self-promoted yourself of a Molly, so it’s a little late for you to suggest taking it elsewhere. Your fowl intellectually dishonest behavior here is of the same sort that I criticized you for in that previous thread.

  62. John Morales says

    truth machine, if I did not know typos can strike anyone, I’d think you were emotionally invested in this matter.

    Which is your prerogative, of course.

  63. John Phillips, FCD says

    Owlmirror for his awesomeness in that crackergate post if nothing else.

    I also wouldn’t object to a vote for Nick Gotts and PaulW. Then again, there have been many worthy of at least a mention in dispatches over the last month. But isn’t it always so on this blog and one of the main reasons for regular visits. Keep it up people, for along with PZ, you are what make this blog a must read.

    Also I nth. the call for PZ, if only for reminding us yet again with crackergate, just in case we needed reminding, that there are crazy fundies in all the death cults who want power over us all.

  64. AdamK says

    brokenSoldier!!!! Yay!!!

    (And not for sentimental reasons, but for really good posts.)

    And I nominate kobra, for highspiritedness.

    And if owlmirror gets it, I can’t say I’d be unhappy about that at all.

  65. sphex says

    For me it has to be Owlmirror, but I want to put in honorable mentions for craig (always patient and well-spoken) and Patricia (always hysterically funny and well-spoken). I love hanging out here with so many smart people.

  66. Jason Failes says

    Ha, just read the LOL CRACKERGATE.

    Oh yeah: Owlmirror.

    And if I had to have a second pick: Inanimate Carbon Rod!

  67. Eljay says

    I liked owlmirror too and Rev Big Dumb Chimp.
    But I also think we need an ANTI MOLLY, perhaps the cracker award?You know, give the man a cracker he’s the idiot of the month. This would be for those creationists and other crazies who through their insane postings bring the best out of the molly winners and yet do not get banned.
    Like Fr J.

  68. Darrell E says

    Emmett Caulfield for the Molly.

    For many well articulated, no holds barred, and accurate, takedowns of religious hypocrisy during the crackergate affair.

  69. Sili says

    Patricia for her excellent takedown of the Catheters. Not the first time she’s done it (I’ve seen her nominated before), but the first time I was awake enough to notice.

  70. Paul W. says


    You’re right. I shouldn’t have taken a swipe at you in this thread if I didn’t want to have a slugfest with you in this thread. Which I don’t.

    My apologies.

    Also, maybe it wasn’t as funny as I thought to acknowledge your correctness on a point by saying that I wouldn’t acknowledge it. FWIW, I’ll make it explicit again: thank you for correcting me about Webster Cook. I needed that.

    I can’t take back the rest, because that would actually be intellectually dishonest. If you want to address it in the other thread, fine. If you want to address it here, I suggest we wait until next week, after the Molly-awarding and the winner-congratulating.

    Apologies to everyone for taking the thread OT.

  71. Paul W. says

    OT question: what does FCD stand for?

    I thought I’d have figured it out by now, but I haven’t.

  72. negentropyeater says

    Nick Gotts

    And a special award to the Squidmaster :

    he broke his record this month, according to sitemeter, 1.94 Million visits (last record was April 1.67 Million) and that’s more than double from last year’s July ’07 with 0.87 Million.

    Congratulations !

  73. StuV says

    Owlmirror, of course. For shame that he doesn’t already have one.

    Also, Patricia.

  74. says

    Wowbagger for some pithy comments and really good laughs during Crackergate.

    Paul W. for forgetting to nominate him last month.

    I’d also be very happy to see SC, Owlmirror, Patricia or Nick Gotts, amongst others, get it, but I can’t vote for 10 people, can I?

  75. SC says

    SC, not just for his/her comments on Pharyngula, but for his/her sterling work on this post!

    Thanks, MH (and Mike Haubrich)! For the record, I’m a woman.

    I wonder how happy Chris at MM will be to have a link from Pharyngula to that post… *mischievous smirk*

  76. Qwerty says

    The consensus seems to be for Owlmirror.

    Personally, I found the few JoJo posts always made me roar with silent laughter. (Hey, I am at work when I read these.)

  77. says

    Should be Owlmirror or Wowbagger.
    Qwerty @#123, that JoJo is way too lazy to qualify for an OM, but I kinda agree with you.

  78. Longtime Lurker says

    I have to throw my hat in for Owlmirror- with the caveat that, since this is for his “LOLCrakerz” comment, it is in this instance a “Mahlee”

  79. Sastra, OM says

    queenofdenyl #128 wrote:

    Since we are asking about initials…what does OM mean?

    Order of the Molly. It’s basically the “Pharyngula Commenter of the Month” award, named after the late great Texan, Molly Ivans.

  80. James F says


    Brian ought to have his own TV series, I think he’d be a great public face for science and could really get the message of how exciting and rewarding research can be out to the public!

  81. says

    Nobody has mentioned Owlmirror yet. He had a great post about LolCrackers and cats. It deserves the molly, hands down.

  82. JB says

    Dr. Brian Grieg Fry:
    For a perfect, illuminating and entertaining contribution to a wonderful thread – “Evolving snake fangs”. And for knowing just where and how to put the boot in.
    i.e. this in reply to Kent
    Wow. I just love how after scientists bust their butts in the lab for years to answer a riddle, it is always dismissed with the catch-all ‘Guddit’. That is infantile logic at its finest. We are studying modern uses of ancient toolboxes. As oppossed to recently evolved tools such as yourself. Go back and play in your sandbox and I hope the cat crapped in it! :D

  83. Alan says

    I have nominate Rebecca for the classic crackergate comment: (paraphrasing here), Before I let a guy transubstatiate down my throat, he has buy me more than a cup of blood>

  84. ildi says

    Ok, I just finished skimming Damian’s very, very long post on evidentialism. (I’ve bookmarked it for later detailed reading.) I was shamed into it by reading SC’s and Beowulff’s posts over at the Mixing Memories thread. I’m an evidentialist and never knew it. (Wait a minute, I thought I was a materialist; I’m so confused!) I have to quote just a couple of the gems I found (remember, this was just from skimming):

    “A world in which people always abided by the evidentialist principle, like a world in which human rights were always respected, in which there were no wide gaps between rich and poor, and in which all nations and peoples were at peace with one another, would be a very different world from the one we live in, and like those other possible worlds, I think it would also be a much better world than the one we live in.” I call Star-Trek-world!

    “Basic to a certain kind of unhealthy religious temper is the insistence that doubting the dogmas of faith, or even inquiring critically into the evidence for them, constitutes sinful haughtiness against God, displaying the reprobate’s proud closed-mindedness against the Truth.”

    and my favorite:

    “Self-respect imposes on us the duty to direct our lives in accordance with our rational capacities. When it comes to belief, our chief capacity is the ability to weigh the evidence and apportion our belief to it. Letting wishes or social conformity or self-deceptive aspirations to self-approval interfere with the exercise of this capacity is an abdication of our responsibility to govern our own lives through our own reason, and displays a lack of the respect we owe ourselves as autonomous beings with human dignity.”

    I nominate Damian, too!

  85. says

    Just curious… has anybody seen that comment by Owlmirror about the Crakers? OMG it is so FUNNY!

    It is a MUST read. I would like to read it too.

    Can somebody tell me which thread it is on? Because there are many thousands of comments on each of the many cracker-related threads. Like what was the DATE that the comment was made, what was the NAME of the post that day, and what NUMBER comment was it…


  86. Owlmirror says

    Nick Gotts, Damian, SC, Emmet Caulfield, JoJo, Moses, Wowbagger, and many others, are all excellent choices.


    which I hope to see completed.

    Huh. I guess “TEH END…..?” wasn’t “TEH END”, was it?
    But I have stuff to work on that CAN HAS priority. Crap.

  87. Grendels Dad says

    One vote each for:

    Paul W.
    Nick Gotts

    I guess nobody can pick just one.

  88. Your Name's Not Bruce? says

    I vote Sastra for the wonderful posts on the Giberson thread.

    Great stuff!

  89. Sili says


    I have to throw in an extra vote for Owlmirror for the LOL is trooly strong in this one.

    People, people! Settle down. Settle down, now.

    All this clamouring for dr Fry is most unbecoming.

    If you would only take a minute to think for a bit, I think you would all agree with me in the following:

    We really cannot nominate the good doctor before we’ve seen more pictorial evidence of his worth.

    In particular I think a few snaps sans shirt are in order – with or without snakes, lizards and/or cephalopods as he prefers. I mean, we must make sure that he measures up suitably to our betentacled overlord.

  90. JoJo says

    acj #124

    Qwerty @#123, that JoJo is way too lazy to qualify for an OM, but I kinda agree with you.

    As the late W. Tecumseh Sherman put it so well, “If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.”

    While I appreciate the thought, I’ve only been here for about a month. Let me mature like fine wine, a good brie, a ripe turd, a crotchety old man. Besides, I’m too lazy.

  91. Damian with an a says

    I’m goin’ for SC, Owlmirror, and Paul W, and I won’t take no for an answer.

    SC is a veritable encyclopedia of all things rational. She’s clever and witty, informative and, well, you get the idea. Shorter: Me like.

    And I don’t care if it was more than a month ago [and I can’t be bothered to find out, naturally], SC’s presence on the torture thread was truly inspirational. After a few rounds with SC, I’m quite sure that silentsanta wished that he/she had remained true to his/her name. I tend to see threads like that one as the true test of an individuals ability to construct and deconstruct an argument. SC excelled, and that’s why she gets my vote.

    Owlmirror, for consistently surprising me with the quality of his posts, depth of his knowledge, as well as his patience in sticking with an argument. On numerous occasions over the last month I have noticed Owlmirror’s name in the side bar and, without hesitation, taken a look at what he has to say.

    He also produced some pretty funny “LOL” narratives of Crackergate, as well. Is there no end to his talent, I ask?

    I like that Paul W chap, if I’m honest. He sneak’s in when nobody is looking and, would you believe, has the temerity to go against the grain! It’s all going to his head, if you ask me.

    In all seriousness, I am deeply impressed by the thoroughness of Paul’s approach. This guy just doesn’t “do” two line rebuttals, and while most people likely refuse to read anything that is too long, the best compliment that I can pay to Paul is that everybody should take the time to read what he has to say.

    He deserves a Molly for a post that he produced about the history of religion and science, alone. It really was that good.

    And I’d like to add that the three that I have nominated help to make Pharyngula the place that it is, and they expose the claims of some science bloggers about regulars on this site, as mendacious.

  92. bastion says

    Molly nominations:

    Having read almost all of the Cracker-related posts (and, as I result, I am way behind on several projects at home and at work, and have built up a rather substantial sleep deficit as well), I hesitate to name names, because I cannot possibly name all the worthy posters–and IMO there were many.

    But I think these three posters stand out in my mind:

    1. Owlmirror for combining humor, intelligence, and rationality. The epitome of what I aspire to as a poster.

    2. Wowbagger for his/her many right-on-the-mark responses to the irrational and uninformed. Wowbagger often said what I wanted to say before I could say it, or sometimes before I even realized that’s exactly what I wanted to say.

    3. Moses for the sheer awesomeness of his knowledge of mythology, biblical history and archeology, and his willingness to use that knowledge to counter those who consider themselves biblical experts, but obviously aren’t.

  93. Pandora Neurospora says

    Not sure if this person has been mentioned by I would like to nominate Patricia if it isn’t too late. She is absolutely hilarious as seen with the cracker incident and takes no prisoners when it comes to stupidity.

  94. Hap says

    Owlmirror’s LOLcracker synopsis is really funny. And SC was really good chopping up the person who runs “Mixing Memory” (I loved hearing the blog runner discuss honesty in contrast to Prof. Myers – another fuse blown on the irony meter.)

  95. Sven DiMilo says

    Hate to snark, but Dr. Fry was the fourteenth of sixteen authors on that paper…it’s just barely “his.”

  96. phantomreader42 says

    Longtime Lurker @ #126:

    I have to throw my hat in for Owlmirror- with the caveat that, since this is for his “LOLCrakerz” comment, it is in this instance a “Mahlee”

    I’d say if that’s the case just call it an “O.M. NOM NOM NOM” :P

  97. Daphne says

    I don’t delurk often, but I have to put in my nomination for Wowbagger, whom I currently have a raging intellectual crush* on! (*SIGH!*). Wowbagger’s posts are consistently intelligent and hilarious.

    (*thanks to either JeffreyD or Kseniya for the wonderful term “intellectual crush”!)


  98. Wowbagger says

    Daphne wrote:

    I don’t delurk often, but I have to put in my nomination for Wowbagger, whom I currently have a raging intellectual crush* on! (*SIGH!*). Wowbagger’s posts are consistently intelligent and hilarious.


  99. truth machine, OM says


    You’re right. I shouldn’t have taken a swipe at you in this thread if I didn’t want to have a slugfest with you in this thread. Which I don’t.

    My apologies.

    Also, maybe it wasn’t as funny as I thought to acknowledge your correctness on a point by saying that I wouldn’t acknowledge it. FWIW, I’ll make it explicit again: thank you for correcting me about Webster Cook. I needed that.

    FWIW, this sort of thing greatly impresses me. Thanks for your apology, and kudos, Paul. (I hope you see this.)

  100. truth machine, OM says

    P.S. The fact that Damian recommends Paul makes me to want to pay careful attention to what Paul has to say.

  101. windy, OM says

    Am I too late? If not, I agree with most everyone else that it’s time to give Owlmirror the Molly – how about a double with SC?

  102. Paul W. says

    So, um… how’s the vote counting going? Has the secretary of state signed off?

    I knew those butterfly ballots would be a problem.