Lunchtime videos

  • This one is just too cute for words: a little girl summarizes Star Wars. The younger your eyes, the better that movie looks.

  • Uh, well, maybe this one isn’t appropriate for lunch. There’s nothing immediately off-putting about it, but it will sneak up on you. It made me laugh, anyway.


  1. says

    heheheh, they need to air that second one here in Texas, now that they are legal (or at least possession of more than 6 of them is.)

    And speaking of Texas, creationism supporter Barney Maddox lost the SBOE primary!

  2. Forrest Prince says

    …and that’s why I always slice up my cucumbers as soon as I get them home from the store. No uncomfortable little surprises that way.

  3. Holbach says

    What a little sweetie! And so articulate! Why can’t she
    stay that age and just charm us with her sweetness and
    innocent banter!

  4. Faithful Reader says

    OT: Ken Miller is speaking at my school next week. Got any trick questions I can ask?

  5. Urban Shocker says

    Every year thousands of people accidently fall on cucumbers. When this happens you need two things. Ice prongs and freind who can keep a secret.

  6. Holbach says

    That little girl giving the finger is a riot! The intense
    expression on her face speaks reams of meaning! Her friend
    thinks it’s a hoot also!

  7. Barry of Denver says

    My cube pals are wondering why I am laughing and I consider it wiser to not disclose why. be well.

  8. Alex Besogonov says

    My spoken English is not good (i.e. I can read everything perfectly, but I have a hard time understanding spoken English) so I haven’t got the joke in the second video.

    Can anyone explain it to me?

  9. Sven DiMilo says

    they need to air that second one here in Texas, now that they are legal (or at least possession of more than 6 of them is.)

    What’s the legal zuchini limit down there?

    (I kid)

  10. says

    If only we could all see the world so simply! Now as for #2, lets leave these sorts of things to the bonobos who seem to be much more creative and resourceful than we ever could be in this arena.

  11. Nan says

    Alex – based on it being an advertisement for vibrators the joke is the young woman used the cucumber in the fridge as a personal pleasure device, but her partner didn’t know it so used it to make sandwiches to serve with tea.

  12. Steven Sullivan says

    er..I laughed too at the second one, but… why on earth would the woman have put the cuke back in the fridge in the first place?

  13. October Mermaid says

    My thought process during that cucumber video was “Hmm, now I’m kind of hungr– Ah. AAAAAH!”

    Speaking of stuff sneaking up on you, check this out, this is TERRIFYING.

    I wonder if the people in the church looked at each other afterwards and asked “Did that just happen…?”

  14. Sarah_D says

    If the pull-tab banana is ID’s answer to the candy bar, does it not follow that the ergonomically-designed cucumber is a divinely sanctioned alternative to the “marital aid”?

    “‘Dil’ pickles–the Atheist’s worst nightmare.”

  15. Sarah_D says

    The execution of this ad is (thankfully), far yes sexist than it could have been. I’m fairly (some would say hyper-) sensitive to sexism in the media, and, although this ad was unsettling, it wasn’t what I’d call mean-spirited.

  16. Sarah_D says

    Um…that’s “less sexist”, of course. Distracting people in the background.

  17. Olaf Davis says

    I don’t see what was sexist about it at all. The closest I can see is that the woman was playing a character who -had- to be female for it to work…

    Also, if he doesn’t wash vegetables before eating them he’ll have far more unhygienic sandwiches than that one.

  18. apophenia says

    @#24: You know, the character didn’t -have- to be female for the ad to work. Menfolk have a handy-dandy cucumber storage area as well.

    Though if I read the second part of your post right, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking “So what? As long as he washed the cuke off, right?”

  19. says

    I really don’t get why it would be sexist either. I also don’t get why it would be inappropriate for lunch, or why it’s weird that she put it back in the fridge. Unless she’s suffering some sort of disease, there’s nothing… inedible, about her nether regions. A bit embarrassing, but no one’s harmed. It would’ve been a lot more offensive if it had been a guy, as that WOULD have been unhealthy.

  20. apophenia says

    I think that it’s the commercial’s premise that “vaginas are gross, so don’t eat cukes that may have touched them” that people are seeing as sexist.

  21. Gregory says

    It’s not supposed to be sexist. Some people were confused in the comments of the original post and she explained. She meant > to mean that Europe was bigger in the sense of being better in terms of sexism, not in terms of having more sexism. The implication is that the frank and healthy recognition of female sexuality implicit to the ad would never have flown in the US. Vibrators only became legal in Texas recently, after all.

  22. says

    The little girl is just too cute for words.

    I had to watch the second video twice before I got it. It’s pretty amusing now, but the first time, I was just, “Huh?”

  23. Don Smith, FCD says


    You’ve been watching way too much Southpark!

    And, um, yuck!

    As for the ad being sexist, I don’t see it. I don’t think the reaction being sought was one of revulsion but more one of the psychological implications of your parents partaking of your pleasure toy. They wanted people to laugh, not to be grossed out.

    P.S. Cold cukes, as I understand it, intensifies the sensations.

  24. says

    Felicia, I thought it was funny because the people eating the cucumber sandwich were here parents. If it were any other company, well it would have been a funny story to tell them after tea. But this is something she can now never tell. Anyone.

  25. antaresrichard says

    “It blow’d up!”
    “Blow’d up real good!”
    “Real good!”

  26. Prillotashekta says

    On the second video,

    And here I though the look on her face was more of a “But, I was saving that for later…” than a “Ew.”

    But that’s just me.

  27. Kseniya says

    LOL @ Brownian!


    What a little sweetie! And so articulate! Why can’t she stay that age and just charm us with her sweetness and innocent banter!

    Yes! I agree! T

    he Star Wars kid was cute, too, don’t you think?

  28. Peter Ashby says

    I think it shows the gulf between the two continents that some people did not ‘get’ it first time around. That would work well in Italy or Spain too, the Pope’s disapproval notwithstanding. And she does show her disgust, in that bit where they show her mouth and as she realises the chewing slows down…

  29. Peter Ashby says

    Oh and I don’t remember the last time I saw a whole cucumber here that wasn’t wrapped in shrink wrap plastic…