1. says

    I sent it to my favourite CUDDLE-fish.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    seriously, I posted it her Facebook. we’re total nature show nerds.

  2. Jason says

    I’ve been lurking this blog for awhile, but I have to ask: Whats the deal with cephalopods? I think there is an inside joke I’m missing.

  3. Dave Godfrey says

    Jason: Cephalopods are awesome. Isn’t that enough?

    Nice picture, the Grimpoteuthis is very cute
    (The Taningia danae is all wrong though, the fins are far too small, and adults lack tentacles.)

  4. Denis Loubet says

    Dammit! Those tentacle implants should be a double row of alternating suckers with decreasing radius approaching the wrist on the INSIDE of the forearm. Don’t these guys even LOOK at a chephalopod before they stick shit under their skin?

  5. JRQ says

    Ah, my bad — Looking back I see he said it was “relatively rare”, and proceeded to name a whole bunch of other animals that do it.

  6. Ktesibios says

    OT, but…

    PZ seems to have gotten a shout-out in a Webcomic today. Check out the bottom left panel in today’s Muertitos.

    The artist even spelled it right- “PZ Myers’ 12 months of hot squid”.

  7. Bill Klee says

    My wife hangs old valentine’s day cards around the house – the one in the bathroom has two cats in jammies, and the question, “What’s the best thing in life?” on the front.

    Every time I see it, I think, “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

    I must not quite be in the v-day spirt.