One last call for donations

This is the last time I’ll pester you, I promise. The DonorsChoose challenge ends after the end of this month, and we’ve done well. We met my goal of raising $20,000 dollars, 200 freethinkers have stepped up to make donations, and 30 of my 31 chosen projects have been fully funded. That does mean that there is one project that isn’t quite there yet: Embryology in the Classroom is $292 shy of completion. If a few more could chip in a few more dollars, we can achieve perfection.

Good work, everyone!


  1. zer0 says

    You posted at 6:00AM and by the time I saw this post at 8:45AM the project was fully funded!

  2. jufulu, FCD says

    Kristjan @#3
    I was feeling warm and fuzzy, now I’m just depressed. I guess I’m going to have to go read my emails from the recipients again.