1. Sven DiMilo says

    Im in yor interstitia
    Bearin yor corset

    …I’ll keep working on it…

  2. says

    You can protest all you want, PZ, but I have a graphics program with text insert and I know how to use it.

    Besides, I was framing science to make it cool. What’s wrong with that….

    Oh, nevermind.

  3. Jsn says

    LOLPriapulids? Priapulids are already LOL. So who was the genius who came up with “dick shaped worms’ as a name?

  4. Carlie says

    I now have the incredible urge to make my online botany students do a topic-relevant lolplant for this week’s discussion post, and award points based on how much it makes me laugh.

  5. says

    So who was the genius who came up with “dick shaped worms’ as a name?

    Lamarck named Priapulus (‘little dick’), though Linnaeus had previously used Priapus (‘dick’). And as for how he came up with the name, you just need to look at a priapulid and all will be clear.

  6. Grammar Snob says

    Why can’t people use proper English?! The pictures may be funny, but the text is criving me dazy.

  7. CJO says

    The suggestion in that link of a kitty pidgin Bible. or Shakespeare, led me to embark on this complete waste of time:

    I can has be? I can has not be.
    I’m in ur question.
    Slingz and arowz? Rajus 4tune?
    Do not want.
    I’m in ur C of troubles,
    Taking up ur armz
    I can has end them? 2 die, 2 sleep
    No No can has sleep can say byebye
    Hart-ake, 1,000 shucks
    That flesh can has, a constipation
    Can sez yes, do want.
    2 die, 2 sleep, can has dreemz?
    Can has rubz?
    I’m in ur long napz
    Shuffling off ur mortal coilz.