1. CalGeorge says

    Open thread! This is a neat little film:

    A transmission from the fictitious television network The Voice. Fundamental Christians and Muslims have finally found out that their basic values are pretty much the same. They join forces and take command of the prosperous northern hemisphere. The rest of the planet is about to be sealed off by a giant world wide wall. Villains, heathens and other evil people stay on that other side of the wall. Long live the Great Northern Union!!!

    The Voice – a film by Johan Söderberg

  2. ivy privy says

    Ithaca man plunges to chicken wing victory

    …Scott McClintock of Ithaca celebrates after winning the Blue Cheese Bowl during the 2007 National Buffalo Wing Festival held Saturday in Buffalo. McClintock, 30, a graduate student at Cornell’s Johnson Business School, fished out 14 chicken wings that were floating in 30 gallons of blue cheese with only his mouth.

  3. ivy privy says

    Angier at godless Cornell

    Natalie Angier discusses new book, Sept. 11,
    during visit to Cornell as an A.D. White Professor-at-Large

    * WHAT: Natalie Angier discusses her newest book, “The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science”
    * WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 4:30 p.m.
    * WHERE: David Call Auditorium in Kennedy Hall on the Cornell campus
    * WHO: Natalie Angier, Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist

  4. SEF says

    ScienceBlogs is making a big deal of heading towards 500,000 comments but PZ’s comment numbering had already reached #c555536 (albeit with #c555535 missing from his Recent Comments list) when I started this post.

  5. SEF says

    This is a test – of whether the inclusion of a link is what is now causing my comments to be blocked (or if things have cleared up as mysteriously as they went wrong).