1. wildcardjack says

    Woah… I think I’ve seen the sign in chapter 6 “A Point of View” used as kitsch in a local burger restuarant.

    I now have an excuse to go to lunch there. Thanks.

  2. says

    Not only is the content quite clever, the photography is technically top-notch.

    I’m ordering a copy of the book. This is also a very clever way to promote a photography book; right now the market for photography books is pretty much stunned into a death-spiral, so photographers have to get creative. Good for him!

  3. Todd says

    Interesting pictures. Especially the Indian Baptist one with the caption “Half Creed.” How nice – brings back the halcion days of 1876.

  4. Todd says

    whoops – I’m also reminded to double-check my spelling. I meant halcyon. Halcion is a sleeping pill.

    I hope it doesn’t sedate the sarcasm. :)

  5. another says

    Didn’t have a camera, but once walked past a church in Santa Fe, NM that was on the corner of a side street with no outlet. They’d named the side street Faith Way.

    So the street sign read: FAITH WAY – DEAD END.

  6. Reality Czech says

    Does the Auto-da-fe pic display as a small black rectangle for everyone, or is it just me?

  7. another says


    The Auto da Fe pic shows the right rear of a 1980’s Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz complete with Jesus fish and christian clergy sticker.

  8. tony says

    agree: technically really really good photography. Laughed at some. groaned at others. bemused by some.

    For anyone who’s tried to take photographs that go beyond ‘snapshots’ — the compositional aspect of these photos were truly great… It takes a realy good ‘eye’ to see such possibilities – and to do so in so many cases…

    I need to see more of this guy’s work (Mall-aise was technically good, but a more documentary and the ‘humor’ seemed more forced)

  9. inkadu says

    The sign above the door of my sister’s church reminded exiting parishioners: “You are now entering the mission field.”

    It reminded me a little bit of Douglas’ Adam’s “asylum” in So Long…

  10. inkadu says

    Douglas Adams’, rather. That was quite a train wreck of possessive apostrophes.

  11. wildcardjack says

    Perhaps this is too much professional interest…

    In the Amazon marketplace you can pick up the book for a $1 new +$3.99 S&H.

    cheapskate, marketplace dealer, a little cruel… Send the guy a few bucks in the mail.

  12. mjfgates says

    I suppose that this is as good a place as anywhere to note that if you forget the real Pharyngula’s address, and go to, you’re taken to an amazing place. Truly amazing.

  13. Sarcastro says

    If you like your puns visual…

    … but not too abysmal?

    I was expecting an old Steve Reeves movie!