What a fine ripe welcome back home

I just got home a short while ago, and it’s 90°, my shirt is soaked through with sweat, and the feeble breeze here isn’t strong enough to provide any relief at all, but it is from precisely the right direction to stir the thick olfactory stew from the nearby swine farms to sluggishly settle on bucolic Morris. Then, to add to the clammy stink, I just had to read Norwegianity’s flensing of the rotting carcass of Michael Totten. I needed something light and airy and sweet, Mark — is this your revenge for being trapped in a library listening to me drone on yesterday?


  1. says

    Drone on? You took some pretty dull subject material and made it pretty interesting. My real interest, of course, is in all those white spaces you didn’t address.

    And you reinforced my desire to continue to avoid head injuries.

  2. inkadu says

    Maybe the electronic chimes of “Onward Christian Soldiers” played at 15 minute intervals from the local cemetery would help relax you?

  3. says

    PZ, you could have spiffed up your report concerning the summer heat if you had mentioned that you were enduring the heat of a hundred blazing suns. Now that’s writing!

  4. ben says

    I’m not sure who “Totten” is or what “Norwegianity” is, but I think they’re both extremely boring and they probably deserve one another.

  5. Anton Mates says

    OT for sure, but the Tripoli Six have actually been freed…

    Wonderful news! Made my day.

  6. says

    I am happy for the Tripoli 6, of course and I am sure that they are happily deocmpressing from an awful experience. But I can’t shake the feeling that this was Libya’s intent from the start. They get more attention from the EU, the parents get money but these people are still guilty in the eyes of the Libyan Courts. I believe that they were used as leverage, human hostages to be traded for political gain.

    Of course, its nothing new. It is just another illustration of how far we have yet to go towards achieving any sort of status as a civilized species.

  7. says

    Those people were freed after a blood price was paid to the families of everyone who died (1.3 million per, if I read the news correctly), so that makes them markers in a game of blackmail for foreign exchange. The only sensible response is for foreign countries to remove all their aid workers and advisors and medical staff. The population will suffer, but if those visitors are left in place there’s nothing to stop the government from grabbing another bunch and doing it again.