1. tony says

    I *like* Angry…. without *angry* I’d have a lot less passion, and I *really* like passion!

  2. llewelly says

    I’m sure his angry attitude will drive people to drink bleach and drano. He should stop referring to these fine household chemicals with insulting terms like ‘toxic’ and ‘dangerous’, or someone will get hurt.

  3. Scotty B says

    I have a buddy who often gets angry when he’s intoxicated… wait, what are we talking about again?

  4. says

    Short temper and access to / thourough knowledge of / toxines sounds like a rather perilous combination. Better not provoke him unnecessarily.

  5. kmiers says

    Just came back from a semi-thorough romp through the Angry Toxicologist’s playground. Very nice. And scary. In fact, it is making me angry. Thanks for the link.

  6. says

    So we’ve got an Angry Toxicologist to go along with our Mad Biologist. Not to mention our resident Lovecraftian Horror From Beyond Time and Space. sB is getting scarier by the day!

  7. says

    Scotty B, your friend is what we might call an Angry Intoxicologist.

    But I suspect that’s what you were getting at, and I apologise if I ruined the joke with an explanation.

  8. says

    Thanks for the link. Thanks to everyone for the comments, hope you continue to enjoy reading.

    Just for the record, when imbibing, I become my alter ego Mellow Intoxicologist which is great for hanging out on your back porch but not so good for blogging (“Eh, the world seems fine doesn’t it?”).