1. Gib says

    A question I’ve been wondering for a while, I thought I’d hijack a thread that has few comments… (I had it ready in response to a thread last Friday, but forgot to click “post”)

    How many humans started the human race ? What I mean is, consider the population of just-modern-human creatures at the time we consider modern humans to have evolved. How many of them were there ? I assume if we then consider what subset of those are the ancestors of every currently living human, that subset would pretty much be the same as the whole set (if we subtract the virgins) ?

    In other words, Creationists say we started with 2 people, Adam and Eve. How many people did we really “start” with ?

  2. tony says

    Gib– you’re question is based on the wrong postulates

    For an example look at a river delta….

    At some point in the ‘evolution’ of the delta you can say, with assurance, this water is all river. At some other point, (further out) you can say – again with assurance – this water is all ocean.

    Now pick a point in between. Where does the ocean start and the river stop? You can’t say? That’s beacause a river to delta to ocean is *transitional*.

    All of evolution is *transitional*.

    It just looks ‘static’ to us, because we’re seeing a ‘snapshot’ of evolution in action.

    So to answer your question, somewhat — there was no ‘adam’, there was no ‘eve’ there were just lots of proto-people… and before them proto-proto-people, and so on back to the eukaryotes

  3. says

    The magniloquence of these psuedo-intellectuals is an abhorrent and infintecimally misappropriated…. haha if you catch the irony there you get a cookie… I have to say for a LOOOONNNG time I was an athiest, but here lately I have to say I have some doubts… but to believe in the bible is just re”cock”u-lous. Ive become a little agnostic seeing as we have these “astronomers” {when in actuallity theyre just fucking in-fucking-sane from the hundreds upon hundreds of years of inbreeding… and they have more money than god, which is the only reason that they know about it…oops back to the point} plotting and scheming against us, for so long and were still here, Im starting to believe in some sort of flying speghetti monster….
    Science DAMN YOU, Bilderburg Group!!!