1. says

    Great picture. Little bugger actually is kind of cute.

    PZ, a reader on my blog suggested I make sure you were aware of this since you do seem “to have a thing about organisms with tentacles.”

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    I can’t see any of the pics. No matter what I try, it’s nada on the illustration thing. Serial failure. It’s probably because I was a liberal arts major and possess limited ability to use my mind constructively — which, of course, made a career in government inevitable. So I need help from you logical types: what can I possibly do to see the pics? I’m using Firefox.

  3. ctenotrish, FCD says

    Yep, I read the title as Cute Overlord as well. :)

    Love the pic! Nautilus (Nautili?) are cool, regardless of size, but now I see that they can be very cute as well. What a great animal.

  4. jotetamu says

    Ivor @ #5, re. not seeing pictures

    Right click on the placeholder for a picture. The menu has an entry “Block images from xxx”. As you might expect, if this is checked, you won’t see the images. But, if I remember rightly, it can happen that after installation of Firefox the item isn’t checked, but you still can’t see the pictures. If you click it, as though you really wanted to turn off the pictures, you still won’t see them: BUT, if you now bring up the menu by right-clicking and click ” Block images…” again, then you will. Worth a try. I also suspect this is an MS-Windows thing, it seems not to happen under Linux.

    Jim Roberts

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    That’s a very pretty little cephalopod. Photos have no scale and I generally assume that nautiloids are 15 cm or more across. That’s just my bias.

    I have Firefox, too, and I see all the images. It does block a lot of pop-ups, though.

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    CUTE? Well it is rather but Overlords are not supposed to be Cute!.. Well plush martian overlords are sort of supposed to be.. and when a new overlord has just started to bud off and they start to try and intereact with their tentacles… ok then yes, Your Tentacled Overlords are Cute! We Will Rule you All with a Cute Iron Tentacle.
    Obey the Tentacle!