Hey! This is a family blog, I’ll have you know!

What have the funny pages come to? This is titillating and kinky to the point of obscenity.


I mean, really; bondage and octopuses and radioactive spiders and so much imagination is triggered by the promise of that image … oh, my. I think I should go take a shower.

(via the shameless Zeno)


  1. gerald spezio says

    Now you are making fun of the police, eh? Just wait until Mooney and Nisbet hear about this.

  2. m says

    Shall I call the ASPCA, the ACLU or both?

    Or maybe this is the work of the North American Man Cephalopod Love Association, those perverts!

  3. says

    Hm, I can see that might work on a giant spider but on a octopus? Given their lack of any skeletal structure and extreme flexibility won’t they just ooze out of them? I think all the cop will accomplish is getting himself one pissed off octopus.

  4. Peter McGrath says

    Only eight cuffs? The man’s in trouble if he meets a pervy squid.

  5. Barry says

    Nah, ya just tie the two longer tentacles together. It’s pretty easy, once you’ve slapped all eight cuffs on the other tentacles :)

  6. craig says

    “Giant radioactive spiders!” I love that. I almost got kicked off of the beta test of amazon’s askville.com for tagging everything “giant radioactive spiders” just to see it on the front page as the biggest item in the tag cloud.

    Ungrateful bastages, I did them a favor by exposing a huge flaw in their organizational scheme months before it was open to the public and they complained… only to have to change it when it did open up and the flaw became obvious. I thought that’s what betas were for.

    But anyway, Giant Radioactive Spiders beat octopuses any day.

  7. John Vreeland says

    Octopuses have one huge advantage over giant radioactive spiders. They exist.

  8. says

    Darwin spent today in 1832 ‘chiefly collecting spiders’ in Rio. He mentions 2.6 inches of rain fell, so if the spiders had been giant and radioactive he might have noticed and written something. He’d have also discovered radioactivity, and that would have left Marie Curie at a loose end.

  9. says

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