1. says

    Ahh Mark Steel, excellent comedy lecturer. If you love your British comedy don’t miss Jeremy Hardy also available on the BBC readio online.

  2. Warren Terra says

    I’d like to give an enthusiastic second to Dave Hone’s above recommendation of Jeremy Hardy. His current lecture – on the nature of belief – is absolutely fantastic (and highly relevant to themes commonly addressed on this blog). It can be heard – only until Tuesday evening – using RealPlayer at the address: rtsp://
    After Tuesday evening, next week’s edition will supercede it.

    Peter – some of the Mark Steel Lectures are apparently available on CD as audiobooks through (possibly including the Isaac Newton lecture), but I didn’t find the Mark Steel Revolution series (which includes Evolution). If you are willing to disregard certain legalities, there are products that let you archive audio streams. BBC7 replays most of Mark Steel’s radio work periodically (in weekly installments), probably twice a year or so, and most or all of the BBC’s content is available as streaming Realplayer audio for a week after it is broadcast.

  3. Ginger Yellow says

    Steel’s lecture on Charlie Chaplin is superb, so do check it out if you’re able to find it.

  4. tom p says

    As was his one one the pankhursts.
    In fact pretty much all of them were ace.
    His books, particularly the one on the French Revolution and Reasons to be cheerful were fabulous.

    And, finally, if you like Mark Steel & Jeremy Hardy, then you’ll probably also like Mark Thomas and Robert Newman