1. Peter Barber says

    What was Rachel Carson doing writing for a UFO- and psychic-friendly magazine like Fate? I thought she was a scientist! Or was she just practising her literary style for Silent Spring?

  2. Christian Burnham says

    Like a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag. Fast and bulbous. Got me?

  3. llewelly says

    ‘Rachel Carson’ is not a particularly unusual name. It could be a different person. Beyond that, if the ‘aliens and psychics oh my!’ mags of 1958 were anything like those of the 1980s, they’ll put anyone’s name on the cover, regardless of whether that person approves of or agrees with the magzine’s typical content.

  4. Vreejack says

    I don’t doubt it is the same Rachel Carson. She is writing about the ocean and cultivating a sense of wonder; it just sounds like her. Incidentally, hers is the first non-fiction I ever read–even before I was old enough to do no more than look at the pictures.

  5. says

    A quick check on Wikipedia says Carson wrote for popular magazines during 56-57; it’s not too much of a stretch that an article written in 57 was published in 58. This piece could well have been a pot-boiler.

  6. says

    I love the drawing lessons! and the origiami.

    Years ago I read in Scientific American that almost all origami figures were based on one body form, and the authors offered a couple of more complex forms. These students have raised the bar several more notches.

  7. says

    Watch out, that ninja with the bow and arrow looks like he has a good angle. Just something to keep in mind, when your soft (feminine?) side tells you its okay not to be proactive. Keep it controversial PZ. You aren’t hurting anyone’s feelings IMHCO (in my humble correct opinion). Yer just giving em something to think about. Besides, they can always join us if they want to, right?

  8. MarkR says

    Like a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag. Fast and bulbous. Got me?

    Trout Mask Replica! That brings back some rather. . .hazy memories from college.

  9. Serpent's Choice says

    Yep, same Rachel Carson. Actually, though, she didn’t write anything new for Fate at all. “Unexplained Mysteries of the Ocean Deeps” is nothing more than a licensed exerpt from The Sea Around Us. Seven years after her book’s publication, I can’t really fault her from showcasing an exerpt in what has always been the flagship of the “fringe” mags.

    As an aside, if you’re collecting, that’s a fairly tough issue to find, especially in good condition.