1. MorpheusPA says

    Is it just me, or does that ‘pus look a bit like the Dementors from Harry Potter? Minus the threat and plus a great deal of beauty and grace.

    Thanks for that–I needed a smile this morning!


  2. says

    I remember from my 20 year old degree that size has something to do with prey/food selection: some things aren’t worth the energy expended to catch and eat, some are. Beyond that, does a predator’s perception of prey size and its own safety come into the equation? That octopus suddenly looked a lot bigger, possibly going from the ‘nice meal’ to ‘get my ass kicked if I tackle that’ catagory.

  3. says

    That’s really very beaautiful. And for Paul, the “atheist coin guy,” did you notice the story next to it at Yahoo? Apparently, some farmer’s cow has been eating his chickens! How’s that for weird? So much for intelligent design!

  4. ladyvonkulp says

    The coins were settling down for about $50 on ebay, is that still too steep?

  5. says

    If my Japanese is correct, the octopus not only trails the “cloak” behind but it also detaches it like a lizard tail (and regrows it), leaving it to stick to the face of the chasing shark.

  6. Paul says

    By the way, I just thought that I’d apologize for messing up the page so badly.

    Next, in response to ladyvonkulp, sadly, $50 is out of my price range. My only fleeting hope is to find one, which is extremely doubtful. These atheists coins will hopefully be a forebearer of much kinder times in the future.

  7. says

    i like weird things throughout the day, thank you internetz!
    the coin thing is funky. the stupid motto (in gord we trust, not e. pluribus unum) is on the edge right? grind it off. viola.

  8. says

    that is one of the coolest things i’ve *ever* seen. i love octopi and squid! ticked me off royally when that collasal squid was killed — and it’s still on ice! i would much rather have seen films of it in motion. *sigh*

  9. says

    DaveX: Apparently, some farmer’s cow has been eating his chickens!

    Put Effectmeasure and Aetiology on notice: here comes Mad Bird Cow Flu.

  10. horrobin says

    Beautiful footage, but have you noticed that Japanese tv shows love showing people’s expressions of stunned wonderment? I was watching a cooking show the other day and it was a solid ten minutes of studio audience gasps and exclamations.
    “Now I’ll add some fish sauce…”
    “And a little beef reduction…”

  11. Will Von Wizzlepig says

    It’s funny to see that seven years after coming back from Japan they still have the same array of people on these ‘listen to us talk about stuff’ shows.

    True about the cooking shows, too- I am certain that there is a significant piece of culture there surrounding food that we almost completely lack. We don’t have cooking shows the way they do, although, we’re catching on.

  12. dingle-dangle says

    “Despite being in Japanese, you’ll be able…” –but I’m not in Japanese!

  13. says

    If I recognize the format, this is from an Animal Quiz show. Where as well as being “listen to us talk about stuff” – I love that description, at least half of Japanesee TV is eating + LTUTAS – also has teh contestants guess what is going to happen in a certain situation.

    These guys were probably asked, what exactly does this purple octopus do/about to do (one of the opening lines of this clip – it mentions its going to expel something, but what?). The Talento/Celebs write it down, and if they have time, draw a small picture to illustrate it, or even act it out. Hilarity and amusement ensues.

    Nobody wins anything (just honour). That’s how Japanese quiz shows work (it’s like Whose Line…?)