1. Heather Kuhn says

    What I *really* want is a t-shirt version of that bumpersticker, “We have fossils, we win.”

    So maybe with suitable lettering PZ, or some other evolutionist blogger can set one up in a Cafe Press shop. Hmmm, I live with a calligrapher and I’m planning on starting my own blog soon. Maybe I’ll talk to her about it.

  2. Protobiochemist says

    The PZ-wear (that even SOUNDS cool) revolution is born!

    I’d buy a shirt that said “W.W.P.Z.D.?”

    My personal favourite is still a shirt I once saw online which showed someone recycling a bible, with the caption “Save the Planet” below it. Close second would one with a picture of someone praying: “Jesus, please save me from your followers”…..I think that was a fridge-magnet though.

  3. says

    If I wasn’t so afraid of my neighbors, I’d buy one today.

    I might buy that for my visit to NC…at least my BiL would have a laugh.

  4. Ben says

    I’ve always wanted a bumper sticker to really annoying to your average mindless Christian… something along the lines of “He died for your sins, not mine.” My buddy always wants it to say: “He died for your sins, I take responsibility for mine.” or something like that… I think it’s too wordy.

    Then again the problem with this… you actually have to acknowledge Jesus as a historical figure, or that he died on a cross, etc… plus I reject the whole notion of sin. I think I’ll stick to the Darwin fish and maybe get the “We have the fossils, we win.”

  5. y'ello says

    lol love the poster.I’m currently reading Jeff Meldrum’s
    “Bigfoot:Legend meets science” and I’d have to agree there’s far better evidence for a giant nonhuman primate in north america than there is for “God”.

  6. Richard says

    > The PZ-wear (that even SOUNDS cool) revolution is born!

    “PZ-wear is easy wear!”

    “PZ PJ’s”

    “PZ Jammies make Cheesy Chamois”

    “It’s easy when it’s PZ”

    (Now I feel so queasy & sleazy… :) )