1. Carlie says

    I’ve been looking for that video for years!
    I saw it online about four years ago, and had never found it since. I think it’s the same one; it was part of a longer special about cephalopods, and featured several of those mazes just for the coolness of it. Thanks!
    Does anyone know which show exactly it came from, and if it can be purchased?

  2. craig says

    I always wonder what happens to their brains. Do they ever find something they can just barely manage to get through but that gives them a big headache?

  3. Ray says

    Has anyone figured out a way to make those work in Opera?”

    It works fine for me in Opera 9.10 – there are no extensions or additional plug-ins that I’m aware of, just vanilla Opera.

  4. Moggie says

    Has anyone figured out a way to make those work in Opera?

    Lower Sydney Opera House by a few metres?

  5. CCP says

    In what sense do octopuses have “hydraulic skeletons”? I think of them as having no particular “skeleton” at all, just lots of squishy muscle and collagen. Unlike, say, an earthworm, the body of which is supported by internal fluid pressure.

  6. says

    There are about 100 billion neurons in a human brain (though there are estimates as low as 10 billion). An octopus has about 300 million. So that’s probably a teaspoon, and not exactly a heaping teaspoon.

    This is why humans can’t do what this octopus does, I assume…

  7. Magnum says

    Fer fucks sake, is there a YouTube version or something that doesn’t have a fucking ad at the start, which freezes halfway through and doesn’t even show the video?

  8. D. Sidhe says

    The video clip is from, unless I’m badly mistaken, a PBS episode of Nature called “The Octopus Show”. You can buy it on VHS, but it hasn’t been made available in DVD yet. The same episode also has the Seattle Aquarium octopus-eating-a-shark footage.

  9. C.Jeans says

    Beautiful. So, stupid question time: why can’t it squeeze through an even smaller hole? What’s the limit? Is there some organ that can’t be squashed/deformed without causing major problems? I’m guessing the eye…

  10. VancouverBrit says

    ROTFL Moggie, thanks for that!!

    The video reminds me of my bus ride to work yesterday. Thankfully the snow is melting and I’m back on my bike today…

  11. Mau says

    That’s what makes octopi so devilishly hard to keep in their aquaria, or so say the various aquarium-keepers I’ve chatted with over the years. The critters can find the teeniest, tiniest opening and use it to escape.