1. bernarda says

    The real world in this off subject song by Woodie Guthrie.

    Jeez, how things have not changed for the better since the 40’s.

  2. RBH says

    The best comment I’ve read this year is on Argento’s post:

    Ahh yes…the holidays! The time of year for fellowship, caring, giving, and a general sense of well-being for all, regardless of race, religion, sex, or creed…in the movies, that is.
    For the rest of us, it’s clubbing people in the store lines on Black Friday and screeching at hapless clerks because we just HAD to get to Best Buy at 2am. Fighting over the best tree at Ollies. Pretending not to notice the homeless people collecting money on the street corners. Fighting with relatives over insignificant dinner details. And most of all, it’s all about the desperate search to find something, anything, TO BE OFFENDED BY! GET OVER IT!!

  3. Elf Eye says

    Yeah, they know by nine–or earlier. My daughter fessed up today that she kept pretending to believe in Santa Claus for awhile because it gave ME such a kick to keep the charade going.