1. says

    *wibbles at the cute*

    they’re almost as cute as parasitic bunny botflies!

    (well, it’s close – the cephalopodlets have the big cute eyes, the bunnybots have strokable silvery fur)

  2. Roxy says

    That is one of the cutest things I ever did see (well…aside from newly hatched chameleons)!

  3. says

    I realize all babies are supposed to have blue eyes, but just what is that incredibly pigmented spot? Is it an eye? I’m having trouble making heads or tentacles out of the pretty colors.

  4. YuppiTuna says

    I went to the Minnesota Zoo yesterday, and it turns out they’ve got a baby two-spotted octopus there… *gets glassy eyed*

  5. says

    The plural of octopus: take your pick:

    Octopuses – plain old English, as is perfectly appropriate for a borrowed word (compare troikas (not troiki) or raccoons (not whatever the Algonquian would be))
    Octopodes – correct plural for the Greek original
    Octopi – incorrect plural, would be correct were octopus a Latin word (which it’s not), but then even Romans got it wrong sometimes