1. SEF says

    Just a couple of weeks now to cephalopodmas and time for my next decoration attempt. This one’s a (baby) decapod. I think it’s rather obvious how it’s made. I used my own pattern software to print the grid though before scoring, cutting, folding and sticking it manually. Eyes can be drawn on, stuck on or a mixture. To suspend it you only need a bead or small button to hold a thread going through the top. It’s so light it could even hang from a twisted ribbon garland or paper chain.

  2. Faidonas says

    Shouldn’t the movie be called “Innsmouth” or something? “Cthulhu” is just too obvious.

  3. says

    In the trailer for Cthulhu, I’m pretty sure I recognized bits of Peter Gabriel’s music from The Last Temptation of Christ, though I don’t see his name in the credits for the film on IMDB. Perhaps the film’s composer isn’t done yet, so they just used Gabriel’s score for the trailer.