1. Ichthyic says

    man, those zombies have better dance moves than most of the creobots I’ve met.

    since they both want to eat my brains, if i have no choice, I’ll go with the zombies, thanks.

  2. Matthew says

    PZ, if you like that, check out one of Jonathan Coulton’s other songs, “I Crush Everything”. Without spoiling things, I think you’ll appreciate the subject matter.

    Go to , scroll down to the album “Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow” and you should find it.

  3. MorpheusPA says

    I resemble this remark. Or at least my Forsaken (zombie) priest Savillo does…

    Personally, I think the Tauren doing the Electric Slide is cool, but so is this.


  4. dzd says

    The best song about brainzzzz is Voltaire’s. Unfortunately there is no Youtubeable version of it.