I’ll be checking my mail for a rather drippy package

This is exactly what I want: in his last will and testament, Jim Anderson has bequeathed his brain to me. He left lots of other stuff to other people, but clearly I’m his favorite because I got the best part.

I sure hope it’s shipped express overnight. Five-day delivery could get…unpleasant.


  1. Ichthyic says

    a very thoughtful gift, indeed.


    anywho… I’m wondering what you think about Matzke’s rather quick and dirty assessment of Tyson’s recent talk that’s posted on the ‘thumb today.

    somehow, I think you might be able to give a bit more detailed analysis of Tyson’s approach.

  2. llewelly says

    PZ, don’t miss this opportunity. If you handle this right, you can one up the Body Works displays. Display the brain so its natural squishy wetness (or some facsimile thereof) is preserved. Make a high-res movie of a dissection of the brain. Display it partly dissected. Etc etc. This could take a lot of work and research, so start preparing now.