The daughter goes her own way

So Skatje is setting up a new weblog, and she’s looking for suggestions for a new name. Make a suggestion! Just to make it interesting, let’s make it a contest: whoever comes up with a wonderful idea that Skatje accepts will receive a fabulous prize plucked from my collection of biology textbooks, and including some spectacularly cheap plastic cocktail squid.

You might also drop a hint that she really ought to have her father’s blog on her blogroll. I’m feeling rebuked.


  1. Turnip says

    “Skatalouge” or “Skattergram”. Not knowing how to pronounce “Skatje” makes it a bit tougher, though.

  2. Turnip says

    “Skatalouge” or “Skattergram”. Not knowing how to pronounce “Skatje” makes it a bit tougher, though.

  3. Steviepinhead says

    Hmmm, I’m not sure that heading in the scatalogical direction is quite where we want to go.

    Skaldic Skatje? Skeptical Skatje? SkatterShot? SkateKism?

    Not SkatterBrain, certainly.

    This is kind of tough. Time to get back to something easier, like debunking Creationists…

  4. Rheinhard says

    Turnip – from the “About me” page:

    Skatje is pronounced “skaht-yeh” and it’s not appreciated if you’re too lazy to say it right and resort to calling me “scratchy” or “scotty”.

  5. says

    I was going to suggest Skatology, but she might hit me.

    If she uses it, though, everyone else has to send me a prize.

    (By the way, maybe you should make your suggestions at

  6. Ken Mareld says

    I’m thinkin’
    Skat Skog. Mix it up with Swedish (Ya sure, Minnesota) and you get forest poop.
    Don’t hit me I’m in the real northwest – Washington State.

  7. craig says

    I say she should call it “Allahu Snackbar.”

    Why? Because I thought of starting a blog myself just to use that name, but I don’t feel like blogging. So it would cool to see someone else use it.

  8. SEF says

    Hmm… Having looked back at a past blog entry on the pronunciation of the name and then belatedly reading the comments here, I wonder if there’s still a US-UK mismatch. But it did make me break out into nonsense rhyme:

    Well if Skatje hasn’t gotcha
    Then it’s Skatje right back atcha.

    Slightly more sensibly, how does she feel about Skatjazz (normally spelled “scat jazz”)? Or is that completely the wrong background music for her vaguely (dis)connected thoughts?

  9. SEF says

    Following the amazing success (not!) of the attempt to find a symbol for atheism, agnosticism, naturalism or whatever it was that various people were disagreeing over, she could try spending some time as the symbol formerly known as Skatje. :-D

    Or, as the foreign language suggestion: “wúshénlùn” (atheism/atheist = approx. without / starting from scratch + deity / magic + view / opinion / statement).

  10. SEF says

    (Note to self: I really should be doing something more sensible.)

    Skatje’s Scratches
    (etchings might be more traditional …)

    Enlightenment The Technological Way
    (obvious double entendre)

    Does My Blog Look Big In This?
    (referring to the new skin of course …)

  11. says

    “Itchy and Skatje”
    “Single Malt”
    “If I Had Killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, This Is How I Would Have Done It”
    “Jockey Full of Bourbon”

  12. SEF says

    That’s interesting: HopSkatje was going to be my next one – except that I actually did go off and do something (marginally) more sensible for a while instead of fighting with PZ’s blog and commenting system and working on puns of scotch, rum and pirates. I rather like that tongue one though.

  13. says

    I prefer to name everything exactly what it is– My last radio show was “Radio Show for Resume”, my current one is “It’s Too Damn Early”… my blog is named “Startling Moniker”…

    Perhaps your daughter could name it “Catchy Appellation” …

  14. Pat Silver says

    Twisting her name a little and taking a fishy theme, how about naming it after a member of the Skate family,
    Rajidae? Or if she’s feeling spiky the Thornback Ray is called Raja clavata


  15. mark says

    “Sklog” is a cool name! I think Skatje should get the prize. It would sure save on postage!

  16. Lynne says

    I don’t know the age of the daughter involved, and any reference to scatology is either pornographic or confined to poop examination, but I do know that I would link up anyone if I were promised plastic squid for it.

  17. SEF says

    Is Skatje on message for the launching of cephalopodmas? If so, rather than the tired old “penny for your thoughts”, a commenting blog could be a nearly as old but extremely inflationary “sick squid for your thoughts”.