Cephalopodmas apparel

This has got to be a devious plot. My wife has been known to tell me to dress more formally (it’s a polite way of pointing out that I’m a slob), and in particular, that I should wear…a tie… more often. Now a reader sends me a link to ties with cephalopods and brains on them, and it’s the month before Cephalopodmas. This is horrible. I don’t want to even be tempted by a tie.



  1. dc says

    I try to avoid speaking to men wearing ties. They are usually either from a bank or a church: which means they want money from you.

  2. SEF says

    They are quite subtle shades. You could look quite slick if you co-ordinated things well. Alternatively, you could install wires and motors and treat it as a chance to sport a couple of the tentacular limbs you would otherwise be lacking at Cephalopodmas …

  3. SEF says

    Come on, PZ. You know you want to. Rotating comedy bowties are not a patch on writhing tentacled ones.

  4. llewelly says

    uh… this thread began with images of phallic symbols.
    Now it has progressed to an instruction booklet showing 85 different ways to tie said phallic symbols.
    Where is this thread going?
    Do I want to know?

  5. says

    It’s a beautiful tie, but I must say I’m with the No-Tie fanatics should you be tempted to wear it with a short-sleeved shirt.

    There’s a special circle in hell for those people, and even if you don’t believe in hell you must believe that guys sporting short-sleeved shirts and ties pay the hookers 40% over the going rate.