Chat chat chatty chat

This easy chat room I tried out a while back is still idling along. It’s mostly rather quiet, but now and then conversations get going.

Anyway, just as another experiment, I’ll be online tomorrow (Saturday) evening at 5pm Central time (that is, right around an hour ago, if you’re reading this right around the time I posted it). I wonder if it would be an added attraction if I tried to convince Skatje or my wife Mary to be online at the same time—should I try?

Also, I know that IRC would be much better, and that there is a #pharyngula channel on DALnet. That would be better in the long run, but just for these little forays into the world of babble, let’s stick with the simple web-based widget for a while.


  1. says

    Oh no, that’s 4 pm MST, right smack in the midst of hanging-out-in-malls time :)

    I poked my nose into the chat room a while back. It had a more interesting assortment of folks than your average run-of-the-mill one. Right now in there, they’re talking about farming dirt, alloying metal, faster-than-light travel and how even with knowledge, it would take a lot of time to develop technology, even if you can skip a few steps along the way.

  2. says

    Actually, I completely forgot about the chatroom after joining in right after you announced it. I’ll probably be there, since I’m really not busy during weekends.

    I think it’d be nice if Skatje or Mary joined, but it’s not necessary. Actually, last time you popped in you didn’t say much, so the main advantage of your being there was that a lot of people showed up to chat with you.

  3. George says

    I’ll try to join in. I am traveling to DC for work (from Oregon) I get in about 5pm EST and should be at the hotel and settled by 5pm CST – okay so I am an optimist. But I would love to chat.

  4. quork says

    Star Tribune interview Pamela Miller characterizes this as a “quote about faith from a thoughtful Twin Cities clergy member:

    The Rev. Greg Boyd, pastor of Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood: “I thirst for water, and water exists. I hunger for food, and food exists. I hunger and thirst for God, so I concluded that God must exist.”

    If the Reverend is indeed thoughtful, there is no evidence of it in that quote. He picked two examples that just happen to support his premise. Let’s try a few others: I hunger for food that tastes great but doesn’t make me fat, therefore it exists. I wish teleportation were real so I could snap my fingers and be in Mongolia, therefore it is real. I desire that Aishwarya Rai would answer one of my thousands of phone calls and love letters, therefore she will. The Rev. Boyd does not got game.

  5. Mooser says

    Your wife’s name is Mary? It may be old-fashioned to some, but Mary is a lovely name. Not to mention the wonderful Cohan song. It’s a grand old name.