This could backfire on Pawlenty

Minnesotans have to choose between Mike Hatch (D) and Tim Pawlenty (R) for governor next week, and someone has noticed that Pawlenty ads have been lacking in substance…so they put together a helpful parody. I don’t know, though—this could be a winning issue for Hatch. That kitten in the final frames sure looks tasty.


  1. David Wilford says

    I found the Pawlenty ad decrying the proposal to give in-state college tuition rates to illegal immigrants by saying “We don’t even give that to people from Iowa,” to be a hoot. Iowans, wetbacks, what’s the diff? The fact that tens of thousands of voters in Minnesota are former Iowans who might not like being compared to illegal aliens is another matter. Ahem…

  2. David Wilford says

    From today’s letters to the editor in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:


    Arne’s endorsement

    In the rush of processing candidates for legislative endorsement you appear to be brushing aside the so-called social issues. Yet, for the past four years these issues have largely dominated Minnesota’s legislative agenda, and emerging social issues such as embryonic stem cell research and teaching creationism in schools likely will continue this trend. These are not unimportant matters.

    In the Minnetonka area, I strongly supported Ed Oliver, a traditional moderate Republican who has always served this area well. Unfortunately, he was not nominated largely due to his adherence to a more moderate social agenda. That is why I now strongly support the election of Mary Schrock for the House of Representatives. She has been firm in her opposition to the teaching of creationism in our schools and absolutely committed to advancing the cause of embryonic stem cell research particularly at the University of Minnesota. It is no accident that so many strong university backers such as Carl Platou and Nancy Lindeau have publicly supported her. She represents the finest in community service and has always reflected good judgment.