Theme songs for creationists

One of the perks of this blogging gig is that Roy Zimmerman sends me his CDs—you want it just for the songs Creation Science 101 and Intelligent Design, although the rest is toe-tapping good, too.


  1. eisenreich says

    More along the same vein: MC Hawking.

    Music video for the song, “What We Need More of Is Science”

    “I’m a disciple of science
    I know the universe is compliance with natural laws,
    but many place reliance on the psuedo-science of quacks and
    morons and fools because,
    their educations deficient,
    they put faith in omniscient,
    make believe beings who control their fate,
    but the Hawk aint with it, dig it,
    their Holy writ aint the least bit legit,
    its a bunch of bullshit.”

  2. K says

    Have you ever heard the “Monkey Song”? Now that’s some great propaganda. I have a copy of it from an older WFMU collection if anyone wants it.

    “It seems so unbelievable/
    And yet they say that it’s true/
    They’re teaching our children in school now/
    That humans were monkeys once, too.”


  3. says

    Just because we’re all on scienceblogs doesn’t mean we all agree with each other.

    I find their weak, wimpy sympathies for religion to be craven; they find my vigorous and consistent application of scientific rigor to the supernatural intimidating.

  4. says

    The Monkey Song“, and the flip, “The Ecumenical Movement”, by the young Crystal Bernard and her sister Robin (their father was an evangelist). Still online, along with the rest of the “365 Days” project of oddball music — some of which is very good, others so very bad. Bookmark it; there’s great stuff there.

  5. BRC says

    damn you PZ! I wanted you to reply that we’re all supposed to agree on all matters, as all scientists of course do! But then you go off and provide an able defense of your own view. Mmmmm, craveny.

  6. says

    Which reminds me…the other sciencebloggers also tremble in dread of my savage sarcasm. It’s all fear and envy on their part, of course.

  7. Michael Hopkins says

    Richard Clayton wrote in the newsgroup:

    Don’t know much about history
    Don’t know much biology
    Don’t know much about that physics bunk
    Don’t know much about the math I flunked

    But I do know evolution ain’t true
    And if you’d let your preacher think for you
    What a wonderful world this could be!

    Don’t know much about astronomy
    Don’t know much anthropology
    Don’t know much about the fossil signs
    Can’t tell you how to measure “design”

    But I do know that the Bible’s true
    And if we make the schools teach it too
    What a wonderful world this could be!

    I don’t want to come from no monkey,
    I’m not down from no tree!
    Because if maybe we come from some monkey
    We’re just glorified chim-pan-zees!

    Physics bunk
    Math I flunked

    But I do know evolution ain’t true
    And if you’d let your preacher think for you
    What a wonderful world this could be!

    (Profuse apologies to Sam Cook.)

    We need someone to write “Working in a Quote Mine”
    and “Woke Up This Morning” (think Tony Soprano).

  8. sparc says

    A kind of ant “monkey song” is Ray Davis’ ape man:

    ‘Cos compared to the flowers
    and the birds and the trees
    I am an ape man

  9. J Bean says

    For a good anti-creationist anthem, do not pass up Springsteen’s “Part Man, Part Monkey”.

    Tell them soul sucking preachers
    to come down and see,
    part man, part monkey,
    Baby, that’s me.

    Good bass line from Max and Garry, too.

  10. brightmoon says

    my own personal favorite anti-creationist lyric is from
    Marvin Gaye’s old 60s hit Aint That Peculiar probably written by Smokey Robinson

    You tell me lies that should be obvious to me.

    But I’m so much in love with you, baby, ’til I dont want to see

    That things you do and say are designed to make me blue

    I’ts a doggone shame my love for you makes all your lies seem true

    Well, if the truth make love last longer

    Why do lies make my love stronger?

    Well, ain’t that peculiar

    A peculiarity

    Ain’t that peculiar

    As peculiar as can be

  11. brightmoon says

    Know a lot about history

    Know a lot about biology

    Know a lot about that science book

    Also passed the French I took

    So I do know evolution’s true

    and if your preacher thinks for you

    What a horrible world this would be!

    WITH NO APOLOGIES TO SAM COOKE ….btw after 40+ years, we miss you, Sam

  12. says

    Why can “Creationists” &/or “Intelligent Design” advocates ‘solve’ Sudoku Number Puzzles so quickly? THEY JUST PUT A “G” IN ALL THE EMPTY SQUARES; it’s just a matter of faith you know! It’s the same method creationists resort to in trying to prove their unsustainable “intelligent design theory”. They just assume all gaps in current understanding and/or knowledge regarding evolution must be filled with a (G=god) solution. Saves them having to think and question I suppose; blind faith, a refuge for the feeble-minded!