Lean, fit shrimp…just right for drenching in butter

Physiologists have been studying the activity of shrimp on a treadmill—the movie is charming, especially if you like an excess of whirling limbs.


You can tell it’s not a Bally’s ad by the absence of lycra and proudly outthrust breasts.


  1. Viscous Wizard says

    Looks more like swimming than running, if you ask me. It hardly moved its legs at all.

  2. Swintah says

    Nah, if you want breasts, you’ve gotta put a chicken on a treadmill.

    Ok, that was only funny in my head. *sigh*

  3. bernarda says

    PETA is going to get on their case for mistreating shrimp. It may be their next poster guy.

  4. craig says

    Sheesh. Here I am on the gulf coast, a shrimp lover, and I haven’t been buying shrimp from the flea market dealers who sell it for about a dollar a bucket. What’s wrong with me?

    Of course, I don’t actually know how to cook any of the non-breaded species of shrimp.