Friday Cephalopod: “It’s a giant orgy.”

Giant Australian cuttlefish

“It’s a giant orgy. The waters of the Spencer Gulf are simply reeking with sex at the moment, as millions of Giant Australian cuttlefish arrive for their annual breeding season.”

O Australia! I wish I could switch continents!


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    I remember once having to come up with a caption for a wonderful picture of two deep sea octopuses passionately entangled. We soon realised that the octopuses were both male, and of different species. A friend of mine suggested “Bestial Sodomy in the Abyss”.

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    When I first saw this image out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was an orchid.

    Thanks for sharing. The Friday Cephalopods are beautiful.

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    You can switch continents, P.Z. You move into my place and I’ll move into yours. But I’m not sure how good I’ll be at teaching your classes though. They will probably consist of me handing around my octopus balls. All the lessons will consist of disecting cephalopods and then cooking them.