1. BlueIndependent says

    A perfectly powerful and passionate defense of a sacred institution or a real democracy. He really paints vivid mental pictures of just how detached modern conservatism is from its own stated beliefs.

  2. says

    Thanks for the link, PZ!
    I’d just recently read Bérubé’s earlier essay on the subject, the foundation for this one. I would not have guessed, then, that he could say it any better, but he has.

    As to your expressed desire to see him face-to-face with He Who Shall Not Be Known By His First Initial and a Drastic Truncation of His Surname — me too, but I’m not sure HWSNBKBHFIAADTOHS would even notice how neatly he’d been gutted. Bérubé does, after all, wield the sharpest scalpel in all pinko America-hating Islamofascist academia. To paraphrase the old joke:

    Horowitz: Ha! You missed me!
    Bérubé: Just wait until you try to nod your head.