1. Biggs says

    Ah yes, one of my long time favorites. I really wanted to buy one of her paintings, but all the really good ones were taken, and now I am too poor a college student to afford one.

  2. says

    I read the description of the drawing process, and was amazed to find out that her lunch break lasts 4-6 hours!

  3. aiabx says

    I’m not sure which I like better – Sigmund “Sometimes a machine gun is just a machine gun” Freud, or Mark Twain eating a puppy.

  4. Flinx says

    Yes, I think that one’s already been snapped up, alas. I am proud to have Ms. Wicked’s Chicken Little… panel, however. But, in the vein of amusing webcomics, you might also get a good kick out of this particular Sinfest panel, extolling the dangers of eating pork.