1. says

    Quiet you fool – quiet!!

    You know what happens if you say that winter is over. Remember that last nice spell that was followed by over six inches of snow?

    For a scientist you really don’t seem to have a good grasp on the workings of the natural world, you know.

  2. says

    If what we had falling out of the sky right now, here in SoCal, was snow, we’d be having one heck of a snow storm.

    Which reminds me…. Yesterday, I had yet another complete stranger make conversation with me — randomly, mind you — about the weather, and observe how this summer is supposed to be really dry and hot because of global warming.

  3. says

    You’re lucky. We got snow in Pennsylvania last night. And it stuck to the grass and roof-tops. This after it reached the high 60s over the weekend.

  4. says

    Following up on Moody’s comment: With the weather we’ve been having here in California, we may be catching up with you. It’s hard to remember that this is early April and not early February.

  5. george cauldron says

    You’re not catching up with northern California unless you’re now up to twice the rainfall you’re supposed to have by this time of year and they’re saying it won’t stop in the next two weeks.

  6. says

    Two years ago we actually had an inch of snow on the ground! It lasted about 18 hours before it all melted. Man! that was one long hard winter. Of course, normally we know how to keep snow where it belongs, about a half hour away, up in the mountains. We can visit it anytime we want. Viva Las Vegas!

  7. Tara Mobley says

    I think with Northern California the story is that due to various weather pattern things I don’t quite understand, we’re getting the storm fronts that usually hit Washington and Oregon. In other words, San Francisco is getting Seattle’s weather.

    I can’t speak for Southern California. I live around the SF Bay.

  8. Ryan Gerber says

    Up here in sunny Canada, the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Bite me east coast.

  9. Norsecats says

    I saw the first crocuses (croci?) of the season on a walk yesterday. Bright, sunny, and chilly in the Twin Cities yesterday and today. Every last trace of snow is gone. The last snow in our shady, north-facing backyard disappeared on March 31.

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    Boy, you guys should have some sympathy for us San Diegans! It rained all day yesterday, and I had to wear a sweater it was so cold. why, there’s been days this winter where I thought about a jacket, that’s how bad it’s gotten. I tell ya…ha ha ha, never mind, my sarcasm tank ran dry there. San Diego rules.

  11. QrazyQat says

    The cherry trees on our street are through the blossoming stage; the leaves have burst out. The flowers have been out since early Feb, except for the daisies and camelias, which have been out since early Jan.

    And this is Canada. Victoria, BC., Canada. It’s like this every year — except for 2003, when it all happened a month early.

  12. says

    It rained all day yesterday, and I had to wear a sweater it was so cold. why, there’s been days this winter where I thought about a jacket, that’s how bad it’s gotten.

    Sounds like this winter here in South Carolina. It did snow once, though, a few years ago.

    Today clear and 75F. Tomorrow, clear and 75F. Friday, clear and 81F.

    Monday it was 87F. Now that’s some BRACING winter weather!

  13. flame821 says

    Not to be rude, but bite me.

    We (in the Poconos) had white out conditions multiple accidents and had most of our highways closed this morning. The school buses had to be pulled over until conditions improved due to the lack of passable roads…. in APRIL!!!

    We were told to expect snow squalls….SQUALLS, not 2-3 inches in one hour

  14. P J Evans says

    Gee, this morning’s LA Times said that Mammoth Mountain has gotten 50 inches of snow since Saturday. (They’ve gotten 619 inches this winter.) And yesterday my 10th-floor window in downtown LA had white stuff going by fairly frequently, although it melted when it hit anything. I’d like to know why winter didn’t arrive until mid-March.

  15. says

    Our weather in SoCal is so bad, my San Diego native-born kids are wearing jackets. Of course, I had to force a jacket onto the 16 year old when he took out the trash last night in the pouring rain… after complaining that he had to actually put on his shoes because he couldn’t find his sandals…

  16. dbpitt says

    I seem to remember this “winter” thing ending a few months ago here in Florida. It involved wearing a light jacket. But I do not recall this “snow” you speak of.

  17. David Harmon says

    Snow all morning in NYC. Didn’t stick (and warm by afternoon), but dang, it looked impressive coming down. On the other hand, we’ve got the dogwoods and hyacinths in bloom….

  18. Steff Z says

    Alright, you northern Californians,
    you should give us in Seattle back our weather.

    We had the wettest December and January on record (depending on your criteria). So the nice snowpack, just uphill in the aptly-named Cascades, should give enough river flow to allow some of the summer and fall salmon to survive. This year.

    But still. It hasn’t been raining much since. It rained a little yesterday; through this coming weekend we only get, max, a 20% probability of precipitation.
    And the climate forecasts say it’s going to be another lovely summer and fall for growing tomatoes, peppers, and other tropical-ish Solanaceae.

    (Both predictions courtesy the National Weather Service, another fabulous and indispensible benefit of paying taxes. I really couldn’t afford the weather services I want, by myself.)

    Last winter when you Californians got all our rain, the wind that causes the ecologically crucial spring upwelling along the coast was *6* weeks late. That’s a long time for a tiny larva to drift around, looking for food. Killed a lot of plankton -> fish -> seabirds and cetaceans. On the one hand, the squid plauge was great; but OTOH the starvation of the more usual wildlife was wrenching.

    So give it back, hunh?

  19. says

    It was all nice and sunny down here in Southern California until _you_ linked to me. Now look what you’ve done …