1. Peter says

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but opening your postings with this kind of “dot dot dot letter” -construction plays havoc with your style-sheet’s first-letter declaration. It makes the ellipsis and the first letter larger on my browser, and other readers may see something else.

    If you use the first-letter property, you really have to start all postings normally with a capital letter, or set up something special for these that continue the sentence in the header.

    Now we can return to regular comments. You can in fact delete this after reading it; I sure won’t mind.

  2. says

    Berlinski’s comment says it all:

    “[Fisher, Haldane and Wright] were mathematical population geneticists, and it is by no means clear that their contributions in any way touched on the fundamental issue of the adequacy of Darwinian thought.”

    Only someone with an afternoon’s worth of understanding of evolutionary biology could say something this stupid.