Birthday thanks

Quite a birthday party yesterday, eh? Thank you to all the nice people who wished me well and for that roundup of birthday congratulations by grrlscientist. I’m blushing still.

It’s a dangerous business, having a birthday. Not only did my actual chronological age get exposed on the web for all to see (you people are geniuses to figure that out), but certain people used their detecting skills to break my cover, and post the first and only accurate photograph of me on the web. My anonymity is gone! Oh, well…at least everyone will understand why I get called an angry Darwinist.

Who you callin’ a “Darwinist”, punk?


  1. mathpants says

    if chimps can use firearms, then why are there still

    Also, will you let the monkey blog?

  2. says

    Uh-oh. Two problems:

    1. Are you familiar with the Librarian? You should be aware of what happens to people who call great apes “monkeys”.

    2. Some would say the monkey is already doing all the blogging around here.

  3. Dave Puskala says

    That photo has to be faked somehow. You are not that snappy a dresser, and I have never seen you in a tie.

  4. mathpants says

    PZ is a typical Darwinist: ignores my important first question and focuses on unimportant little details in my second.

    I rear up on my hind legs and find that ironic.

  5. yappa says

    Hank Fox: seconded. The other comments were also very witty. I have high regard for you all.