Chris Clarke in the Twin Cities???

That was my first thought when I read this entry, but then I noticed that the clotted, precious style didn’t quite fit. My next though was a horrific one: Lileks is guest posting on Creek Running North? Say it isn’t so! It’s bad enough that he’s there every time I open the Star Tribune!

Ah, but no, fortunately it’s just a pitch-perfect satire.

If you don’t like Lileks’ cutesie dribblings, you must read this.

For those wondering who the heck Lileks is, he’s a columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, famous for two qualities: 1) he’s one of those pissed-pants conservatives who totally lost it after 9/11, and 2) he’s very twee.


  1. says

    I do have to admit to a guilty fondness for Mr. Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food. Although, despite my Northeastern ethnic upbringing and my love for spicy food, I actually like “Glop in a Pot”.

  2. KenL says

    Yi. That’s vicious. I’m not terribly impressed with how Lileks decided to turn off his brain after 9/11, but that’s some real SPITE.

  3. says

    I’ve always liked Lileks’ cloumn. I liked Backfence better than the new incarnation. I even liked his short-lived “Diner” radio show. I didn’t know his politics until I heard him on the radio. Which made me sad.

    That said, this was great satire. I especially liked the feminist link.

  4. says

    Lileks’ “Backfence” (the Strib’s attempt to replicate the Pioneer Press’ “Bulletin Board” feature) is pretty much his sole contrib to the Strib. His syndicated political column doesn’t usually run in the Strib — whenever it does, the paper gets slammed with letters from people who a) know more than he does, and b) write better than he does.