An entirely optional request

A little reminder: a look at Technorati shows me that a lot of people still haven’t updated those blogrolls. I’ve stuck an automatic redirect on the old page, and I’ve also tweaked the .htaccess file to remap all the requests for rss and xml files to the new syndication file here, so it’s easy to forget—going to the old site will still get you right here. Still, it would be nice if you adjusted the links, and changed “” to ““.

It’s not a major problem since either address will eventually get you to the same place, but I’m sure the Seed people would like to see more links going straight to the ScienceBlogs empire.


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    Just a note–I mostly read you in bloglines, and only click thru when I have something to say (or the whole post doesn’t show up and I want to read it). I realize though that what I haven’t done is update the home blogroll.