Yearly Kos

The speakers for the science panel at the Yearly Kos convention have been announced, and they are Chris Mooney, some goofy guy named PZ, and Wendy Northcutt. We’re going to Vegas! Since I only drink in moderation, never gamble, and the only showgirl I want to see is my wife (who will be coming along), I’m not going to have much to do other than castigate wobbly Democrats, and maybe argue with those annoying progressive Christians. There better be some firebreathing, let me tell you…the only magic show I want to see is a bunch of Democrats with spines, and skip the animal tamers—I want to see some fierce beasts breaking loose.


  1. Mnemosyne says

    If you go to the Mirage about an hour before they close, you can see their dolphins for half price. Plus they have a pretty cool tropical fish tank.

    We got to see a dolphin poop last time we were there. The reaction from the crowd was pretty funny.

  2. Joe says

    I went to UNLV for graduate school (geology). If you want some adivice about cool places to go that are NOT drinking and gambling, let me know!

    There’s alot to do in Las vegas, and some really cool stuff to see if your willing to pull away from the plastic entertainment of LV blvd.

    In particular, you might enjoy the pupfish out at ash meadow. If you get a car, its about an hour NW of town, can’t miss it, some awesome geology and some great biology there.

    There’s also some spectaular petroglyphs at buffington pocket, hot springs, etc…

    In town, there’s tons of great restaurants that are NOT on the strip!

  3. says

    Democrats with spines? Surely you gest. I believe democrats evolved without them some years ago. It was at first a tragic mutation, but somehow they’ve adapted quite well to slithering along like talking worms.

  4. says

    Whoops–I meant to add that speciation had occurred, and that it was those elected democrats in Washington that had evolved into those spineless beasts. The rest of us managed to keep our spines and our firebreathing lungs, as well.

  5. Ottnott says

    A preference for spines?

    The slimy ones will learn of your treachery. Their revenge will be ugly and fascinating.

  6. Scott says

    Hey PZ,
    There is the Star Trek Experience at the Vegas Hilton, a great way to OD on Trek.


  7. David Wilford says

    The 300 or so fountains in front of the Bellagio put on quite a show that’s worth seeing, and the canal inside the Venetian is fun to walk along if it’s cold outside. The Las Vegas Strip is surprisingly pedestrian-friendly so don’t be afraid to get out there and walk around a bit, and there’s even a monorail these days if you get tuckered out seeing the sights.

    As for wildlife, forget it. Las Vegas is an environmental monster that’s sucking dry the surrounding water supply of the entire region. Think of Lost Wages as decadance in action, and just go along for the ride.

  8. isabelita says

    There is an area north of Las Vegas called Red Rocks. It’s known for rock climbing, but if you don’t climb, you can still walk around and look. I hear it’s beautiful, only seen photos. Climbing would be the only possible reasaon I’d ever go near Vegas.

  9. KeithB says

    Of course, since there seems to be a “Red Rocks” something or other in every state of the Union, it is a safe bet that there is one near Las Vegas.

    I know of at least three: One by china lake in California, the famous amphitheatre in Colorado, and this one in NV. It is like Springfield!

  10. says

    I’ve never climbed them, but it sure as heck has pretty mountains, if you’re up for the Southwestern version rather than the timbered snow-covered variety.

  11. Unstable Isotope says

    Hooray! I’m going to be there. I’ll try to keep my heckling to a minimum. :)

  12. jbark says

    I’ll second the Liberace museum and the Star Trek Experience – great stuff (though the latter is heinously overpriced).

    Also, if you like to eat, don’t miss the Champagne Brunch Buffet at the Bellagio. Good, fresh food (believe it or not) and decent champagne that just keeps-a-comin’.

    And as someone mentioned above, don’t necessarily shun walking around on the strip and just taking in the gawdy excess of it all. It’s quite a trip.

  13. Joe says

    Red Rocks is part of the national conservation area, and its WEST of Las Vegas, Not north.

    its great, and is featured in the opening credits of everyone’s favorite movie “Over the Top starring sylvester stallone.