Son of “Inherit the Wind”

This is fun—it’s a proposal for remaking Inherit the Wind with the Dover case as its centerpiece. It’s also a good overview of the events of the trial.

(via Red State Rabble)


  1. says

    I still like my musical idea–with the bacterial flagella dance number, a solo by Behe (“Just because astrology is wrong doesn’t make it a bad theory”), and the finale, delivered by all of the animals of earth, blaming each other’s sins for the evolution of such a destructive devil as homo sapiens.

  2. says

    It’s a fun idea, but it could backfire — creationists like to go on and on about how “Inherit the Wind” inaccurately represents the Scopes Trial (which it of course does — it was really using the trial to make a point about McCarthyism, just like “The Crucible” did with the Salem Witch Trials — it was assumed that all viewers would accept that burning “witches” and banning the teaching of evolution were wrong even if they feared crypto-Communists in Hollywood and the State Department).

    Even if a Dover movie really was about Dover and not an analogy for something else, there would have to be dramatic liberties taken. I’m sure the IDiots would say things like “Behe was much more convincing in the real trial than in the movie. It’s the fault of the liberal Hollywood establishment!”

  3. lt.kizhe says

    I’d love to see a sequence where they have the Buckingham character denying his actions had anything to do with creationism or religion, and no he doesn’t know where the P&P books come from, interspersed with snips of him talking God-talk at board meetings, and taking up a collection in church to buy the books, etc. Sort of like the christening scene in the Godfather, only comic instead of violent — but making a similar point.

  4. the Sage says

    Let Behe play Behe; then no one can complain. And the full foolishness can shine through.

  5. paul says

    Off topic, but this is the most recent entry, so here is as good as anywhere else. I’m reading Sapolsky’s “Monkeyluv” right now (I’m a fan of his, have read his “Primate’s Memoir” more times than I can count using the fingers on one hand). Several times I have caught the idea lurking in the shadows of my mind that the author is PZ Myers, or rather that the authors of the book and of this blog are one and the same. Something about the style, the topics and the POV. You would probably enjoy it, though I imagine that you’d learn very little.

  6. VKW says

    Son of “Inherit the Wind”?
    Why not “Bride of Inherit the Wind”, or “Inherit the Wind II: Electric Boogaloo”?

  7. FishyFred says

    If Chuck Norris does not play Michael Behe, I will be very disappointed.

    Oh, come on! You can’t tell me there isn’t a resemblance! I mean BEARD! Beard, buh beard beard beard.

  8. says

    If we really want to make Michael Behe and the DI explode, we should have me play Behe.

    Not only would I relish saying his stupid things, I’d be a very bad actor.

  9. Keith Kisser says

    There’s a long standing misconception that dramic stories based on actual events need to be 100% acurate. People used to jump all over Dumas for taking historical liberties in his novels, like the fact that their were three musketeers named Athos, Porthos and Aramis, but that they lived a century apart from one another.

    Of course, quibbling over the added drama of Inherit the Wind (or Gone With the Wind or Robin Hood or…) is classic obfuscation: let’s ignore what is being said and fight about surface details that don’t matter.